The study of Arabic at Oberlin introduces students to the rich history and culture of the Middle East and North Africa. We offer courses in beginning and intermediate Modern Standard Arabic, as well as topical courses on Arab culture and society taught in English.

We offer no major in Arabic at this time.

Students can enroll in first- and second-year Arabic. Students wishing to take Arabic language courses who have previous knowledge of Arabic, should consult with the instructor about appropriate placement. Courses are designed to develop the ability to use Arabic as a means of oral and written communication and to increase understanding of basic cultural aspects of social interaction in the Arab world.

Class instruction is supplemented by such extracurricular activities as Arabic Language Day, Arabic conversation tables, and other events. Other options for studying Arabic are available through Oberlin-affiliated study abroad programs in Israel, Jordan, and Morocco.

Read more about the study of Arabic languages in the course catalog.

For specifics about the course offerings, send e-mail to Mahmoud Meslat, instructor in Arabic and visiting instructor in French and Italian.