Careers in Law

The field of law offers a wide range of career options – aspects that pre-law students should understand and explore. Oberlin College provides opportunities to explore and expand your options by the very nature of the liberal arts curriculum. You will also develop the reading, writing, and analytical skills required for the rigors of a legal career.


Curriculum Overview

If you are interested in law school, look over the courses for the Law and Society major. These classes have subject matter relevant to law and are helpful in developing the necessary analytical skills While no single major is the key to gaining admission to law school, you should choose a major that interests you and challenges you to become a better student. Choosing a major that you find enjoyable will lead to a better education and better preparation for a post-Oberlin career.

Choose courses that test your logical reasoning ability and your skills in presenting and defending an argument, both orally and in writing. Do not plan your education for the sole purpose of entering law school; doing so will cause you to miss the best of what a liberal arts education has to offer, and you will unintentionally make yourself less attractive to law schools.

You will also want to review courses offered in the Law and Society Program, as they include subject matter relevant to law and helpful in developing analytical skills. If you know what type of law you wish to pursue, you may also find it useful to select courses from relevant departments, for example, environmental studies or economics.

A number of pre-law advisors are available to assist you. Faculty and the staff in the Career Center work closely to make sure students interested in law receive the support they need. We encourage all students interested in law to contact the Career Center to receive information and regular pre-law announcements.

Read more about the Pre-Law program in the course catalog. Refer to the Career Center website for additional information and opportunities in the study of law.

Course Sampling

  • AAST 220: Doin' Time: A History of Black Incarceration
  • PHIL 226: Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy
  • POL 202: American Constitutional Law
  • REL 340: Seminar - Ethical Issues in Death and Dying
  • PSYC 431: Psychology of Law
  • SOCI 241: American Urbanism


Ronald C. Kahn
Erwin N. Griswold Professor of Politics 
(440) 775-8495 /
Interests: Constitutional law, legal theory, and American political development

Eve Sandberg
Chair, Professor of Politics
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