Health Professions: Premed

Students planning to apply to medical school may major in any subject, provided they complete the prerequisite coursework. Soon after arriving at Oberlin, you should discuss your plans with a health careers advisor, who can guide you through the process of preparing for and applying to medical school, as well as to schools for osteopathic, podiatric, dental, and veterinary medicine.

Oberlin offers many resources for students who want to pursue health-related careers, including informational meetings, workshops, and speakers.

Students who intend to enroll in medical school immediately after graduation must complete the minimum science requirements by the end of their junior year and take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Others defer the MCAT and applications to medical schools until the senior year in order to complete pre- medical requirements and explore other interests.

The MCAT is administered from late January through early September at hundreds of test sites in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere around the world. You should plan to take the test no later than July of the year in which you will submit applications to medical schools. Information about the test, including deadlines and application forms, is available from the Office of Health Professions and Fellowship Advising.

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General Requirements

  • One year of biology (with laboratory)
  • One year of physics (with laboratory)
  • Two years of chemistry (general and organic, with laboratory)
  • One year of English, including writing course
  • One year of mathematics (recommended, but not always required for medical school admission)

* Note: Most schools of medicine have similar prerequisites for admission. Individual schools vary in details, however, so you will want to consult the Medical School Admissions Requirements, for the specific schools and profession of interest to you. This resource is available in the Science Library and the Office of Career Services.

Faculty Advisory Committee

Lynn Bianchi
Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Health Career Coordinator
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Jason Belitsky
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
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Mark Braford
Professor of Biology
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Yolanda Cruz
Professor of Biology
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Catherine Oertel
Associate Professor of Chemistry
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Rebecca Whelan
Associate Professor of Chemistry
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