Study Away

Study Away

Oberlin encourages all students, regardless of their major, to broaden their educational experience through study away programs—both in the United States and abroad—that provide cultural immersion, high academic standards, and intensive language programs, if appropriate. Oberlin ranks 14th in the total number of students studying abroad among the top 40 baccalaureate institutions in the Institute for International Education’s Open Door survey for 2012-13 (most recent figures).

In addition to the nearly 90 programs affiliated with the college, Oberlin offers three of its own programs. To learn more in depth about all of the Study Away programs, visit the Study Away website.


Danenberg Oberlin-in-London Program

Participants live and work with a small group of Oberlin students as they experience London life and culture. Each spring, two Oberlin faculty members from different departments accompany 25 students to London. Students register for two six-credit courses offered by the Oberlin faculty.

In addition, they take a third course taught by resident London faculty, either on the history of London or on theater. All coursework has a strong experiential component that involves students in the vibrant life of London and Great Britain. Each student typically earns 14 hours of academic credit.

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Studies in Spain at the University of Córdoba

Students of Spanish language, literature, and culture may participate for fall, spring, or both semesters in the Programa de Estudios Hispánicos en Córdoba (PRESCHO). Córdoba, one-time capital of Roman Spain and seat of the Muslim Caliphate, offers a distinct opportunity for study of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian influences on Spanish culture.

Courses offered include literature, history, art, architecture, music, economics, and social and political reforms. A consortium of three colleges—Oberlin, Smith, and Wellesley—sponsor PRESCHO.

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Oberlin in Italy

The Oberlin Conservatory of Music sponsors this month-long summer program based in Arezzo, Italy. It includes intensive language study and the study of Italian culture, including art history, Italian opera history, literature, and studio art.

For singers, instrumentalists, and liberal arts students, the program offers musical, vocal, and dramatic coaching; performances of a chamber opera and opera scenes; and other concerts. Performers are required to audition.

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