Arts and Sciences Admissions

International Students

International Students

Arts and Sciences International Students

This section is for you if you are an international applicant applying to the College of Arts and Sciences as a first year or transfer student. Below you will find application deadlines, an outline of the application process, and information regarding financial aid. The College of Arts and Sciences does not require an application fee.

Application Part I

We encourage you to let us know of your interest in applying to Oberlin as early as possible, so that we may follow up with you regarding important dates and requirements. To declare your intention to apply to Oberlin prior to your submission of the Common Application, complete the optional Application Part I

Requirements for First-Year Applicants

Common Application Form - Complete online. The Common Application also includes a personal essay. Check out our best essay tips.

Although Oberlin is a member of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, we will not be accepting the Coalition Application for the 2017-2018 application year. Students applying to Oberlin in fall 2018 will have the option of submitting either the Coalition Application or the Common Application.

School Report with Official Transcript
To be completed by a secondary school counselor. (If your school has no counselor, a principal, or head of division, another school official may complete the form.) It is important that an official transcript of your courses, grades, and exam marks be included by the school with this report.

Teacher Evaluations (2)
To be completed by teachers in academic subjects.

Additional Forms

All international students, regardless of aid status, must submit an International Certification of Finances Form. Instructions for completing this are attached to the form.

Any international student wishing to apply for need-based financial assistance must also submit the College Board Financial Aid Profile

It is important to note that because Oberlin's international financial aid budget is not unlimited, students who do not apply for financial aid at the time of admission are not eligible for aid in future years. If a student is not applying for financial aid, the expected amount of support per year required for Oberlin is: 

Year Amount
2017-18 $71,900
2018-19 $74,000
2019-20 $76,100
2020-21 $78,100

Standardized Test Scores

Scores for these exams should be sent directly to Oberlin by the testing agency. You may send photocopies of your scores as a preliminary measure, but all final admissions decisions are based only on official reports.

SAT or ACT (SAT II subject tests are optional)

Results of any national examinations you have taken should be submitted

TOEFL or IELTS. If you are a native speaker of English or if your high school coursework was conducted in English, you do not need to submit a standardized language test.

Note: If it is not possible to take one or more of the required exams where you live, you may contact us for a waiver at However, be aware that applicants who provide a standardized test score will be considered more favorably.

Other Materials

You may send examples of your best academic or artistic work. However, please be aware that certificates are not necessary and, unless they pertain to the final year of your high school education, prove unhelpful in the application reading process. A strong, well-prepared application is both comprehensive and concise.

Additional Requirements for International Transfer Applicants

In addition to all of the above forms, transfer applicants must also submit:

College Official's Report
To be completed by the Dean of Students (or appropriate official) at your current university and should be sent directly to Oberlin by that person.

International Transfer Student Midterm Report Form
Required if final grades do not yet appear on an official transcript. The deadline for submission is March 15.

Note: Transfer applicants must submit both a final secondary school transcript and the most recent university transcript as part of the School Report.