Arts and Sciences Admissions



At Oberlin, interviews are not required but are strongly recommended. Interviews serve two purposes -- they provide you with a chance to ask your interviewer questions about Oberlin’s distinct community, and they are also partially evaluative, in that they provide us with an opportunity to learn about you. Having a conversation with you gives us a more complete picture of who you are.

Oberlin admissions interviews are informal and conversational, lasting approximately 30 minutes. They may be conducted by admissions staff, senior student interns, or Oberlin alumni. Each interview option is treated equally in the admissions process. Given the high volume of requests received, applicants are permitted only one interview.

Interviews are available to high school students from May of their junior year through January of their senior year. Interviews are not required for admission. In certain cases, primarily for homeschooled students, early admission candidates, and international students, an interview may be requested by the admissions office. Early Decision candidates should plan to complete interviews by December 15.

On-Campus Interviews

On-campus admissions interviews for the 2017 admissions cycle are available for high school seniors and transfer applicants from May 1, 2016 through January 2017.  You must register in advance in order to secure a time and date for your interview. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Campus Visit office at: 800-622-6243.

Off-Campus Interview Days

Oberlin will be hosting a series of off-campus alumni interview days in December and January. Online registration for the following locations will be available in late Fall 2016. 

Ann Arbor/Detroit - TBD
Baltimore - TBD
Boston - TBD
Chicago - TBD
Cleveland - TBD
Columbus - TBD
Los Angeles - TBD
New York City - TBD
Philadelphia - TBD
Portland, OR - TBD
San Francisco - TBD
Seattle - TBD
Washington DC - TBD

Off-Campus Alumni Interviews

We are no longer offering off-campus alumni interviews for the 2016 application cycle. Off-campus alumni interviews for the 2017 application cycle will be available in Fall 2016. 

Phone or Skype Interviews

We are no longer offering phone or Skype interviews for the 2016 application cycle. Phone and Skype interviews for the 2017 application cycle will be available in Fall 2016.