Arts and Sciences Admissions

Debra Chermonte

Debra Chermonte

Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Contact Information


Carnegie Building
(440) 775-8411

Debra Chermonte

Educational Background

  • Geneseo College, English, BA
  • Cleveland State University, MEd

As the daughter of two lifelong musicians and a family tree brimming over with liberal arts and sciences graduates, educators and artists, the pathway to Oberlin from my Upstate New York roots seems almost preordained. Preparation for my role in admissions and financial aid at Oberlin includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, higher education administration, teaching, and coursework as a specialist in reading education.

I consider it a real privilege to help students find their way to Oberlin. As you get to know the college and its people better, you will find that ours is a community of individuals who celebrate differences, thrive on intellectual debate, and like to follow our own paths. Debate and creative expression is part of the lifestyle here.

My son graduated from college not too long ago, so the feelings you may have about finding your college home are familiar to me both as a dean and as Chris' mom. As you approach your college search, remember that the process of applying is only one small part of the college experience. Relax, stay in touch with us and enjoy this amazing time in your life!

Did You Know

Oberlin College launched a Creativity and Leadership Project in 2006 as part of a multidisciplinary effort designed to provide students with opportunities to put their innovative ideas into practice. The project reflects Oberlin’s musical and artistic excellence, its rigorous liberal arts curriculum, and its longstanding commitment to preparing students for leadership and civic engagement. It is open to students of any major or interest and prepares them for the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

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