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Tanya Aydelott

Tanya Aydelott

Assistant Director of Admissions

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Carnegie Building
(440) 775-8411

Tanya Aydelott

Greetings from Oberlin! A Pakistani American, I've spent the majority of my life overseas, grappling with the definition of home. I graduated from high school in Cairo, Egypt, with a high school diploma printed on papyrus. From there, I made my way to the United States for an undergraduate degree in sociology/anthropology and English literature from Swarthmore College. After graduating, I went to Morocco to teach sixth grade, then work at a newspaper in Kuwait, conduct research in the colonial archives in Pakistan, and write the student handbook for a new university in Saudi Arabia. Following those adventures, I earned my MA at Columbia University, concentrating on anthropology and education.

What drew me to the field of higher education--and to Oberlin, in particular--is the prospect of sharing my love of learning with students across the world. Oberlin's vibrant, close-knit, collaborative, engaged community is constantly inspiring me to do and be more. I love sharing the stories of this campus and student body with prospective students and their parents.

I look forward to meeting you, either here on campus or during my travels to Texas and Latin America.

Did You Know

Oberlin College has been a leader in improving the enviroinment. The Adam J. Lewis Center for Environmental Studies opened in November 1999. Designed to purify and reuse non-potable wastewater on site, use sustainably grown or produced materials, and eliminate the use of toxic materials, the center has a rooftop photovoltaic array as well as a monitoring system that assesses energy performance levels. The building is intended to be a laboratory that showcases environmentally efficient building technologies and operating systems, and sustainable building techniques. The Lewis Center has won several major architectural awards and has attracted considerable national attention.

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