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Oberlin's financial aid policy is simple: We meet the full demonstrated financial need of every admitted student through a combination of grants, loans, and money earned through student employment. Each year, more than two-thirds of Oberlin students receive some form of need-based financial assistance. Our three-part award package typically includes grants from the college, low-interest students loans, and work-study jobs. We commit more than $40 million annually to provide grant aid directly to students. This makes Oberlin affordable to many talented students who otherwise might not be able to pursue an education at Oberlin.


When you complete a financial aid application, Oberlin automatically considers you for need-based College grants and merit-based scholarships, in addition to any state and federal grants, loans, or work-study programs for which you may qualify.

Oberlin is among the few American colleges and universities that offer substantial financial aid awards to international students. The process for applying for financial aid is different than for domestic students, however, and funding is limited.

Returning students applying for aid should visit the Office of Financial Aid for information.

Did You Know

Despite much skepticism and trepidation among College leaders, faculty and residents, intercollegiate football makes its debut in Oberlin in the fall of 1891 and the team plays its first home game against Cleveland’s Adelbert College of Western Reserve University. Oberlin wins, 12-6. Since then, interscholastic sports programs have grown and the College now supports 22 varsity men's and women's teams.

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