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Art Supplements

Art Supplements

Oberlin enrolls a diverse class with a wide variety of interests, and you are welcome to submit supplemental materials to highlight a special accomplishment or talent. However, supplemental materials are not required for the admissions process, and we can provide no guarantee that all materials will be reviewed or evaluated. Faculty members do not evaluate submissions.

Art Supplements must be submitted online through DecisionDesk

Any supplemental art materials that are mailed or emailed to our office will not be reviewed.

We accept submissions in the following categories:

• Visual Art
• Music
• Theater
• Dance
• Creative Writing
• Other

In each subject area, you will have the option to upload no more than two files (10 for visual art) and/or provide a link to website featuring your work. Resumes may also be uploaded. All common file formats are supported, but audio or video clips should be no more than five minutes in length.

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Did You Know

The Allen Memorial Art Museum (AMAM), founded in 1917, features one of the finest college or university art collections in the United States. The AMAM is one of the top five college art museums in the nation. Comprising more than 12,000 works of art from virtually every culture and spanning the history of art, the AMAM's collection is a vital cultural resource for the students, faculty, and staff of Oberlin College as well as the surrounding community.

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