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Early Admission

Early Admission

Oberlin has no formal program of Early Admission, but for many years we have considered candidates who wish to enter college before completing the customary four years of high school – with or without a secondary school diploma.

Early Admission candidates compete for admission with all other applicants, and once they enroll they are treated in exactly the same way as are all other students. Consequently, early applicants must be intellectually able and both emotionally and socially mature.  They must also present valid and convincing reasons for early entrance into college.  It must be clear that the student is moving toward a future goal rather than merely seeking to escape from an unhappy situation at home, at school, or in the community. We will give careful consideration to the recommendations of teachers and counselors concerning the applicant's readiness for college. It is of utmost importance that the candidate has taken full advantage of the high school curriculum and has taken a courseload that compares well with that of our senior applicants.

Early Admission candidates should follow the same application procedures as all other First-Year Applicants, with one important exception:

A Visit To The Campus And An Interview With An Admissions Officer Are Required Of All Early Admission Candidates

Interviews may be scheduled through the end of January. Please see the Campus Visit page for more information.

Despite the cautionary tone of some of the above statements, it should be emphasized that any mature and capable student who applies to Oberlin for early admission may be sure of careful consideration by the Admissions Committee. Just as we have recognized the principle of variable progress toward the degree in permitting students to accelerate through Oberlin in less than four years, so we believe that students should be admitted to Oberlin when they are ready for it, whenever that may be.

Did You Know

In keeping with its long history of leading the way on access to an excellent liberal arts education, Oberlin College in 2012 eliminated loan requirements for incoming first-year students eligible for federally funded Pell Grants. The Oberlin Access Initiative is supported by trustees, alumni donors, and other friends and supporters.

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