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QuestBridge Applicants

QuestBridge Applicants

Since being the first college in the United States to admit students regardless of race (1835) and women into a coeducational environment (1837), Oberlin College remains committed to access and forging a diverse and inclusive community. As part of this mission, Oberlin is a proud partner of QuestBridge National College Match.

About QuestBridge

QuestBridge is an organization based in northern California designed to connect bright, motivated low-income students with top educational, professional, scholarship, and life opportunities.

The QuestBridge National College Match partners with 35 colleges and universities to provide students the chance to attend a top-tier college on full-scholarship through a rigorous and competitive application process.

For more information about QuestBridge and the National College Match, please visit the QuestBridge website.

About Oberlin and QuestBridge

To gain an overview of Oberlin’s partnership with QuestBridge, please visit the Oberlin partner webpage on the QuestBridge website.

Learn how to apply to Oberlin through QuestBridge National College Match.* 

*Students who are not matched to Oberlin are encouraged to roll their applications over to the Regular Decision for further consideration.

The Oberlin Supplement will be made available to students who are not matched and wish to roll their applications over to Regular Decision after the QuestBridge National College Match decision in early December.

About Quest Scholars Network

Learn about Oberlin’s Quest Scholars Network!

If you have additional questions about Oberlin and QuestBridge, please email

Did You Know

In 2000 Oberlin College purchased approximately 5 percent of its total food budget locally. In 2006, 30 percent of the total food purchasing expenditures supported local farmers and artisans.

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