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Oberlin is a highly selective liberal arts college founded in 1833. We are a community of thinkers, scholars, artists, musicians, and activists who share an intense desire for learning, creation, and engagement. We care about the world, believe we can make it a better place, and have the courage to try.



Applications to Oberlin for 2017 enrollment may be submitted online at the Common Application website after August 1. In addition, we encourage you to submit the optional Application Part I as early as possible, so that we are aware of your intent to apply and may follow up with you regarding important dates and requirements. 

There is no fee to apply to the College of Arts & Sciences.


Fire in the Belly: Being a Second Generation College Student

I feel that my generational status has fixed a motor onto the back of me that keeps me going at a brisk but steady pace at Oberlin. This motor propels my own sense of initiative, as well as the value that I have towards my education.
posted by Jules Greene '19 | February 18, 2017 | 0 Responses

What I Learned From Making a Documentary Over Winter Term

I'm definitely pleased with the overall outcome of my movie, since I wasn't exactly sure if I would even be able to finish it in the time allotted during Winter Term.
posted by Jules Greene '19 | February 12, 2017 | 0 Responses

Oberlin Without My Best Friend

I take on an Oberlin semester without my sidekick and roommate.
posted by Lilah Drafts-Johnson '18 | February 8, 2017 | 0 Responses

Scooters and Cigarettes

Everyone in France has a fix for either.
posted by Emma Davey '18 | February 3, 2017 | 0 Responses

Winter Term: OC Men's Hoops Takes California

One of the perks of playing college basketball is that it can take you places you might not otherwise be able to go.
posted by Zach Moo Young '17 | February 2, 2017 | 0 Responses