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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend MVP as opposed to a regularly scheduled visit?
MVP is the only all-expenses-paid visit program hosted by Oberlin College. It provides students the opportunity to learn more about Oberlin College and get a first-hand look at the diverse community and numerous resources that make up the Oberlin experience. During the visit, students take part in a structured program that includes specially arranged open houses, faculty meet and greets, and various other activities. MVP is longer (Thursday to Saturday) than regularly scheduled overnights and allows for more visits to dining halls, residence halls, and campus facilities.

Outside of visiting classes, what will I do while on campus?
Depending on the weekend, there are various concerts, speakers, and campus productions that participants can attend as well as open houses that introduce participants to the many resources available to Oberlin College students. Current Oberlin students also plan special events that MVP participants can attend.

What should I bring for my visit?
Students should be prepared to sleep on a dorm room floor, and should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towel, and toiletries. We also recommend you bring a warm coat/jacket and other accessories for cold weather. 

Can my parent or guardian accompany me during MVP?
Parents are welcome to visit Oberlin. However, parents are responsible for their own travel and hotel accommodations. Parents are also welcome to participate in a limited number of activities that will include a meal, but are otherwise required to provide their own meals. Please inform the Admissions Office in advance if you are a parent visiting while your student participates in the MVP Program. 

How are flight schedules arranged?
An Admissions staff member will arrange and confirm flights. Participants will be notified of their travel itinerary prior to leaving for Oberlin. 

How will I get to and from the airport?
The student is responsible for transportation to the airport from home or school. Upon arrival at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport, students will be met by an Admissions staff member and escorted to a shuttle to Oberlin with other participants. At the end of the program, students will be taken by shuttle to the Cleveland Hopkins Airport. 

Where will I stay once I get to Oberlin?
Participants will be housed in a residence hall with a current student as their host. They will be paired with their hosts on the first evening of their visit. 

Will my residence hall host by my guide while I'm on campus?
No, your host will assist you during your visit, but as a current student, the host may have a limited amount of time to spend with you during your stay. Admissions staff will be present throughout the weekend to facilitate your Oberlin experience. 

How are meals taken care of during my visit?
All participants will be issued a dining card they can use at any of the dining halls on campus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Will I have an interview? Is it formal?
Yes, Fall program participants are required to interview. Interviews are informal and conversational, lasting approximately 30 minutes. They may be conducted by admissions staff or senior student interns. 

How many students attend each program?
The number of participants varies depending on the weekend. However, programs generally include anywhere from 20 to 40 participants. 

What does the program cost?
MVP is an all-expenses-paid visit to Oberlin College. Students are not requried to contribute to the cost of their visit. Students may bring spending money for use at the College's bookstore or one of the town's many shops and restaurants.

What if I am unable to attend and my ticket was already purchased?
Participants, parents or guardians, and guidance counselors are required to sign a statement of financial responsiblity prior to travel arrangements being made. If a participant is unable to attend after a ticket is purchased, the participant will be required to reimburse Oberlin for the cost of the ticket.