Beyond the Books

Beyond the Books - redirects to academics

Beyond the Books - redirects to academics

Beyond the BooksOberlin College offers a host of opportunities for students to get involved on campus, in the community, and beyond. Through organized and informal academic and athletic programs to College-sponsored projects and student-led groups, you are destined to find an activity that matches your interests, talents, enthusiasm, and skill set.

In addition, Oberlin encourages all students, regardless of major, to broaden their liberal arts experiences through summer internships and study away programs that provide high academic standards, mentoring, cultural immersion, and intensive language programs; winter term, in which students explore topics and experiences outside of regular courses; Experimental College (ExCo) , a student-run program offering one-credit courses on most any subject taught by a member of the Oberlin College or community; and the First-Year Seminar, which introduces first-year students to liberal arts learning.

Our Creativity and Leadership Project takes a multidisciplinary approach by providing students with opportunities that put their innovative ideas into practice. Open to students of any major or career aspiration, the project prepares students for the challenges of implementing their ideas through funding, mentoring, workshops, and classes.

The Shansi Program supports educational exchanges between Americans and Asians in order to expand and inform the perspectives of scholars and enrich the education of their home institutions. Shansi is an independent nonprofit organization that promotes understanding and communication between Asians and Americans through individual and group educational programs and community projects. Shansi is one of the oldest educational exchange institutions in the United States and a feature that makes Oberlin unique among its peers.