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Crystal Biruk's courses

Crystal Biruk's courses

101. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology - 3 hours
An introduction to cultural anthropology through an examination of basic concepts, methods, and theories that anthropologists employ in order to understand the unity and diversity of human thought and action cross-culturally. Language and culture, kinship and the family, politics and conflict, religion and belief, and the impact of social change and globalization on traditional institutions are some of the topics to be considered in a range of ethnographic contexts. Enrollment Limit: 40

281. Empires of Science - 3 hours
This course examines the intersections of race, gender, culture, and sexuality with science and technology in colonial and post-colonial contexts. What are the social and historical dimensions of technoscientific encounters between the global North and the global South? Drawing on accounts by science studies scholars, post-colonial theorists, historians, and anthropologists, we analyze how the uneven flow of technoscientific experts, practices, objects, and knowledge transforms social relations, bodies, and selves. Enrollment Limit: 25

353. Culture Theory - 3 hours
A critical examination of major issues in the study of culture since the late nineteenth century through a discussion of cultural evolution and neo-evolution, materialism and cultural ecology, functionalism and ecosystems theory, interpretive and symbolic anthropology, structuralism and political economy. Ethnography, science and humanism, and the relationships between various theories are also considered. Recent multicultural and postmodernist efforts at cultural explanation on the part of anthropologists and other scholars will be examined. Enrollment Limit: 25