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Emily Holt's Courses

Emily Holt's Courses

ANTH 230 - Environmental Archeology  4 credits

Whether they live in small foraging bands or crowded urban areas, people never exist apart from their environments. This course will explore how Environmental Archeology can reconstruct past environments and help us understand the many relationships humans have built with their environments over time. Additionally, it will provide a deep historical perspective on contemporarily relevant issues such as food security, sustainability, biodiversity, and climate change.  Enrollment Limit: 25

ANTH 372 - Demography, Health, and Disease in the Ancient World  4 Credits

Many of the “facts” of daily life in the contemporary industrialized world, such as long life spans and low mortality rates, are recent developments; they do not characterize the human experience for most of our species’ existence. This course will use the tools of archeology to investigate demography, health, and disease in the ancient world, including the broad historical consequences that changes in these factors created.  Enrollment Limit: 15  Prerequisite:  Any Archeology Class