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Joshua Wright's courses

Joshua Wright's courses

EAST 110 - Northeast Asian Prehistory to Early History  3 Hours
This course may also count for the major in (consult the program or department major requirements) :  Anthropology
3 SS, CD

The modern territories of Korea, Mongolia, Siberia, Manchuria and Japan have formed a complex interaction sphere for thousands of years. Centered on the Korean Peninsula, this course offers a chronological survey covering the Holocene to the Mongol Empire and an introduction to the anthropological models key to understanding the last 10,000 years in Northeast Asia and the place of prehistory in the modern societies of the region.  Enrollment Limit:  25

EAST 210 - Pastoralism Past and Present in Northeast Asia  4 Hours
3 SS, CD

Nomadic pastoralism is a ‘third way’ of human subsistence separate from farming or foraging, a sustainable human adaptation to grassland environments practiced through particular technologies and domesticated animals. We will focus on the novel human ecology and social organizations that emerges from mobile ways of life drawing on modern, ethnohistorical and archaeological examples. Northeast Asian steppe pastoralism will be the central example, with additional case studies from Eurasia, North and South America and Europe. May count toward the major in Anthropology.  Enrollment Limit:  20

EAST 270 - Archaeological Heritage in Asia  4 Credits
This course may also count for the major in (consult the program or department major requirements):  Anthropology

An examination of place of the past in modern Asia. Heritage is a major component of national and ethnic identity and Asia has a deep history, strongly asserted ethnic identities and heritage narratives.Using examples from Korea, Japan, China and Mongolia we will discuss universal heritage, practical and rhetorical ownership of the past, historic preservation, museums, and the antiquities trade. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the arguments of controversial and established positions. 
Enrollment Limit: 25

EAST 325 - Seminar in the Archaeology of Korea and Surrounding Regions 4 Credits
This course may also count for the major in (consult the program or department major requirements):  Anthropology

A seminar discussing case studies in the archaeology of Northeast Asia. We will considering specific archaeological sites, the history of research in the region; and the interplay of theory, models and data. The topics and case studies that will be examined in detail include ethnogenesis, environmental manipulation, the emergence of hierarchy, the spread of agriculture, metal technology, frontiers, linguistic relationships, state formation, regional interconnections, the ndividual, and nationalist agendas in regional archaeology.  Enrollment Limit: 15
Consent of the Instructor Required: Yes