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Alumni News

Alumni News

Here are some of the latest returns from our Alumni Information Form.  Keep them coming in!


Alison Carter (2001)

After graduating from Oberlin I took a few years off before starting graduate school. Currently, I am a PhD Candidate studying archaeology in the Anthropology department at UW-Madison. My dissertation research is focused on understanding Iron Age (500 BC- AD 500) trade networks in Southeast Asia through a study of stone and glass beads. I've been working in Cambodia since 2005 and also done fieldwork in Thailand. I'm always happy to hear from current/former Obies!



Jenny Gersten (1991)

I'm the associate producer at the Public Theater in New York City.


Gwen Kelly (2002)

Gwen is pursuing a Ph.D. in Anthropology (Archaeology) from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is currently conducting research in the state of Tamil Nadu, in India where she has been working for the past 6 years. She is the recipient of two Fulbright grants, and the Oberlin Alumni Fellowship. Her dissertation research is on Craft Production, Technology and Social Difference from the Iron Age to Early Historic Period at Kodumanal, Tamil Nadu. This research involves the study of the technologies and organization of production of a wide variety of material culture, including pottery, beads and other ornaments in semi-precious stone, glass, shell, bone, and implements of iron, copper, and bronze. She has also conducted experimental research reproducing the firing techniques of South Indian Iron Age black and red ware. Her research interests span everything from the Neolithic to the British colonial (pre independence) period in India, and questions about change and continuity in society, politics and economy.

Recently, she also started IAWAWSA the International Association for Women Archaeologists Working in South Asia. The aims of the organization are to support women archaeologists and archaeological research done by women in and about South Asia, and to foster international collaboration for future research.

Experience type: Summer

I can offer one or a few students the hands-on opportunity to learn how to measure, identify, classify, draw and photograph archaeological finds from the late Iron age and Early Historic site of Kodumanal, in Tamil Nadu, India. This would be a form of research assistantship. Students would be expected to pay their own travel to India, but internal travel, food and lodging would be covered. A minimum stay of 3 weeks would be expected. No previous experience is required.


Christian Wells (1996)

Christian Wells is Director of the Office of Sustainability and Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of South Florida.

Experience type: Winter Term, Summer


Shea Winsett (2008)

After graduation I went to graduate school at the College of William and Mary Anthropology Department in their MA/Ph.D. program. I am in my second year. My master's thesis focuses on how historical archaeology as it relates to African Americans needs to turn more focus to Black towns established in the American west after emancipation as too much focus is on plantation studies. My case study is Blackdom, the first Black town in New Mexico. In January I went to Alabama with a Dr. Neil Norman to help begin mapping the Old Plateau cemetery. It is a cemetery where members of Africatown are buried. The original members of Africatown were the last import of enslaved Africans on the ship the Clotilde.