Chemistry / Biochemistry
Department Chair:
Rebecca Whelan

Administrative Assistant:
Rachel Wysocki

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Phone: (440) 775-8300
Fax: (440) 775-6682

Science Center A263
119 Woodland St.
Oberlin, OH, 44074

Office Hours: 8:00-noon | 1:00-4:30pm



Much of the history of our faculty, alumni, facilities and instruments has been chronicled in the Department's Annual Reports over the past two decades. Those histories are available to you upon request. The year of the article's appearance in the Annual Report is given in parenthesis below.


Jason M. Belitsky (2005-present)
Matthew J. Elrod (2001-present)
Albert R. Matlin (1984-present)
Manish A. Mehta (1997-present)
Catherine M. Oertel (2006-present)
William H. Parsons (2017-present)
Lisa M. Ryno (2014-present)
Robert Q. Thompson (1982-present)
Rebecca J.Whelan (2004-present)


Martin N. Ackermann (1966-2006)
Terry S. Carlton (1963-2001)
Norman C. Craig (1957-2000)
William H. Fuchsman (1970-2012)
Michael W. Nee (1983-2017)


Werner H. Bromund (1937-1975)
J. Arthur Campbell (1945-1956)
William H. Chapin (1906-1911)
Edwin H. Cox (1917-1921)
James Dascomb (1834-1878)
James E. George (1963-1966)
Peter Hawkins (1952-1984)
Harry N. Holmes (1914-1945)
Frank F. Jewett (1880-1912)
Carl W. Kammeyer (1956-1959)
William K. Kedzie (1878-1880)
Alfred P. Lothrop (1921-1934)
James C. McCullough (1907-1908)
Barbara H. Bunce McGill (1951-1964)
Wendell S. Niederhauser* (1929-1930)
William B. Renfrow d.2010 (1945-1978)
Jesse Rowsell (2009-d2015)
Richard C. Schoonmaker (1960-1993)
Edna H. Shaver (1922-1925)
Leverett R. Smith (1978-1981)
Luke E. Steiner (1928-1966)
Sarah L. Stoll (1993-2003)
Thomas M. Taylor (1901-1906)

* Niederhauser, Polarization in Standard Cells.
* Niederhauser, Patent: Phenol-Formaldehyde Adhesives.


Alumni Magazine Article

Charles Martin Hall

Oberlin Heritage Center

Charles Martin Hall article

Oberlin College Archives 

Charles Martin Hall, Alumni Magazine

More distinguished Oberlin Alum


Vibrational spectroscopy (1987)
UV-Vis spectroscopy (1990)
Computer graphics (1991)
Column chromatography (1992)
X-ray diffraction (1997)
Raman spectroscopy (1999)
Thermal analysis (2000)
NMR spectroscopy (1986, 2001)
Fluorometry (2004)
Beckman instruments (2004



Cabinet Hall
Severance Chemical Laboratory [opened in 1901]
Kettering Hall [opened in 1961]
Oberlin Science Center [opened in 2001


Selection of DNA Aptamers for Ovarian Cancer Biomarker CA125 Using One-Pot SELEX and High-Throughput Sequencing (Whelan, 2017)

The Research You Cannot Resist: Research in the Ryno Lab (2014)

Top of Their Field: the Goldwater Scholarship (2014)

Orange is the New Learning Tool (2014)

A Scientific Culture: Whelan/Garvin Lab Research (2010)

Norman Craig Awarded Morley Medal (2010)

Norm Craig’s Shoes (Mehta, 2010)

Chemistry Professor Manish Mehta Wins Teacher-Scholar Award (2009)

One-Billionth of a Meter: the Belitsky Lab's Work with Melanin (2006)

Beowulf Cluster Takes Computing to New Heights (Supercomputer, 2006)

Chemistry Professor Manish Mehta Garners Prestigous CAREER Achievement Grant (2005)

A New Day for Science: the Construction of the New Science Center (2003)

Eavesdropping on Proteins' Conversations (Whelan, 2002)

The Verdict Has Been Decided in the Chemistry Lab Murder Trial (Thompson, 1998)

Craig Wins Research Award (1996)

Craig's and Cummings' experiments to recall Hall's (1986)