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History of Martin Lectures

History of Martin Lectures


The Charles Beebe Martin Classical Lectures

A Historical Summary




The Martin Lectures fund was established by gifts of many friends of Professor Charles Beebe Martin, '76, in recognition of his service of more than forty years as a teacher of Greek and the Fine Arts.  The income is to be used in procuring lecturers of international fame, exhibitions and other educational activities that may be thought advisable by those in charge of the Classical Department.

* * *


Volumes I-XXX were published by the Harvard University Press by arrangement with the Martin Classical Lectures Committee.  Thereafter a new series was established, with publication by the Princeton University Press.  Each volume, except the first, was delivered by a single individual and accordingly each such volume has its own title.



1927  SHOREY, PAUL  (The University of Chicago),  Sophocles

Oct. 19   “Sophocles”

Vol. I, The Martin Classical Lectures (1931), pp. 57-95.


1929  MARTIN, CHARLES B.  (Oberlin College)

Apr. 11   “Herodotus”

Apr. 12   “Thucydides”

Vol. I, The Martin Classical Lectures (1931), pp. 3-29, 30-55.

          SCOTT, JOHN ADAMS  (Northwestern University)

Oct. 19   “The Poetic Structure of the Odyssey

Vol. I, The Martin Classical Lectures (1931), pp. 97-124.

          CONWAY, ROBERT S.  (recently, University of Manchester)

Nov. 27   “Ancient Empires and the Modern World”

Nov. 29   “Vergil as a Student of Homer “

Vol. I, The Martin Classical Lectures (1931), pp. 125-149, 151-181.


1931  FRANK, TENNEY  (Johns Hopkins University),  Some Aspects of Social Behavior at Rome

Mar. 24   “The Family as a Social Instrument”

Mar. 25   “The Social Factor in the Religion of the Empire”

Mar. 26   “Rome's Experiments at Social Reform”

Vol. II, Aspects of Social Behavior in Ancient Rome (1932).

Reprinted by Cooper Square (New York, 1969)


1931  SELTMAN, CHARLES T.  (Queen’s College, Cambridge University), 

Nov.   5   “Early Archaic Painting”

Nov.   6   “Archaic Painting”

Nov.   9   “Ripe Archaic Painting”

Nov. 10  “Early Classical Painting”

Nov. 11  “Climax and Decline”

Vol. III, Attic Vase Painting (1933).



1933  CARPENTER, RHYS  (Bryn Mawr College),  The Humanistic Value of Archaeology

Jan.   9    “The Archaeological Approach”

Jan. 10   “Archaeology and the Alphabet”

Jan. 11   “Archaeology and the Arts”

Jan. 12   “Archaeology and Humanism”

Vol. IV, The Humanistic Value of Archaeology (1933).


1934  LIVINGSTON, SIR RICHARD W.  (Corpus Christi College, Oxford University),

Oct. 1   “Different Views of Hellenism”

Oct. 2   “Hellenism and Today - Some Contrasts”

Oct. 3   “Hellenism and Today - Some Resemblances”

Oct. 4   “Hellenism and Christianity”

Vol. V, Greek Ideals and Modern Life (1935).

Paperback reprint by Biblo & Tannen (New York, 1969)


1935  CHARLESWORTH, MARTIN P.  (St. John's College, Cambridge University),  Types of People Under the Roman Empire

Feb. 18  “The Native Ruler”

Feb. 19  “The Philosopher”

Feb. 21  “The Adventurer”

Feb. 25  “The Governor”

Feb. 27  “The Merchant”

Vol. VI, Five Men: Character Studies from the Roman Empire (1936)


1937  BOWRA, C. M.  (Wadham College, Oxford University),

Sept. 28  “Greek Elegiac Poets, Origins and Beginnings”

Sept. 30  “Greek Elegiac Poet, Theognis”

Oct.    1   “Greek Elegiac Poets, Simonides and the Sepulchral Epigrams”

Vol. VII, Early Greek Elegists (1938)

Reprinted by Cooper Square (New York, 1969)


1939  ADCOCK, FRANK E.  (King’s College, Cambridge University),  The Roman Art of War

May  1   “Men”

May  2   “Land and Sea”

May  4   “Policy and Strategy”

May  5   “Generalship”

Vol. VIII, The Roman Art of War Under the Republic (1940)

Swedish edition: Antikens Krigskonst II: Rome under republiken, tr. by Bengt G. Söderberg (Stockholm: Bokförlaget Prisma, 1966)


1939  MERRITT, BENJAMIN D.  (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton),

Nov. 8, 9, 10  “Deciphering Greek Inscriptions”

Vol. IX, Epigraphica Attica  (1940)


1941  KARO, GEORGE  (Oberlin College),

Feb.   3  “Dorian Sculpture of the 7th Century B.C.”

Feb. 14  “Early Ionian Art”

Feb. 17  “Attic Art of the 6th Century B.C.”

Feb. 24  “Trends in Attic Art from Archaic to Classic”

Vol. XI, Greek Personality in Archaic Sculpture (1948)

Reprinted by Greenwood Press (Westport, Ct., 1970)


1942  KARO, GEORGE  (Oberlin College),

Mar.    2  “Apollo at Delphi”

Mar.  16  “Zeus at Olympia”

Mar.  23  “Hera at Samos”

Mar.  30  “Asklepios at Epidaurus”


1943  RICHTER, GISELA M.A.  (Curator of Greek and Roman Art at the Metropolitan Museum),  Early Attic Gravestones:  Their Origin and Development

Mar.  16  “The Earliest Examples:  Period of Solon”

Mar.  17  “The Development under Peisistratos”

Mar.  18  “Examples in the Metropolitan Museum on Art”

Mar.  19  “The Later Archaic Gravestones”

Vol. X, Archaic Attic Gravestones (1944)


1943  LORD, LOUIS E.  (Oberlin College),  Thucydides and the World War

Dec.  13  “Thucydides - the Writing of History”

Dec.  16  “Thucydides - the First Modern Historian”

Dec.  17  “Thucydides and the World War”

Vol. XII, Thucydides and the World War (1945)

[Reprint rights sold to another press in 1966]


1947  BUSH, DOUGLAS  (Harvard University),  Classical Influence in Renaissance Literature

Nov. 6 & 7  “Classical Influences in Renaissance Literature”

Vol. XIII, Classical Influences in Renaissance Literature (1952)

Included in a collection of Bush's work:  Prefaces to Renaissance Literature (W.W. Norton, 1964)


1949  WIND, EDGAR (Smith College),  Classical Influences in Renaissance Art

Dec. 8 & 9  “Classical Influences in Renaissance Art”

Published as Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance (Yale University Press,  1958)


1952  FINLEY, JOHN H. JR.  (Harvard University),

Feb. 11 “Aeschylus and Pindar:  Symbol in Early Greek Poetry”

Feb. 12 “Aeschylus and Pindar: The Emergence of the Great Age”

Feb. 14 “Aeschylus and the Open Society”

Feb. 15 “Pindar and the Closed Society”

Vol. XIV, Pindar and Aeschylus (1955)


1953  AGARD, WALTER T.  (University of Wisconsin),  Sculpture in the Greek Tradition

Feb. 2  “Greek Classical Sculpture”

Feb. 3  “French Classical Sculpture”

Feb. 4  “Neoclassicism”

Feb. 6  “Contemporary Classicism”

1954  KRISTELLER, PAUL OSKAR  (Columbia University),  The Classics and Renaissance Thought

Feb. 22  “The Humanist Movement”

Feb. 23  “The Aristotelian Tradition”

Feb. 25  “Renaissance Platonism”

Feb. 26  “Paganism and Christianity”

Vol. XV, The Classics and Renaissance Thought  (1955)

Paperback edition by Harper & Row (New York, 1958??)

Italian edition: La Tradizione Classica nel Pensiero del Rinascimento, tr. Fabrizio Onofri (Florence: La Nuova Italia, 1965)

Hungarian edition rights sold to Artisjus (Budapest, 1980)

Spanish edition rights sold to Fondo de Cultura Economica (1980)


1956  EDELSTEIN, LUDWIG   (Johns Hopkins University),  The Meaning of Stoicism

Apr. 16  “The Stoic Sage”

Apr. 17  “The Stoic Concept of Nature”

Apr. 19  “Stoic Self-Criticism”

Apr. 20  “The Stoic Way of Life”

Vol. XXI, The Meaning of Stoicism  (1966)


1956  WEITZMANN, KURT  (Princeton University),  Ancient Book Illumination

Nov. 26  “Scientific and Didactic Treatises”

Nov. 27  “Epic Poetry”

Nov. 29  “Dramatic Poetry”

Nov. 30  “Various Prose Texts”

Vol. XVI, Ancient Book Illumination  (1959)


1958  DOW, STERLING  (Harvard University),  The Papyrus Treasure from Meir

Jan.   6  “The Identification, the announcement, and the editor ... Sir Frederick G. Kenyon”

Jan.   7  “The Agent of the British Museum ... Sir E.A. Wallis Budge”

Jan.   9  “The Opulent Private Scholar ... Rev. A. H. Sayce”

Jan. 10  “Various Prose Texts”


1960  ELSE, GERALD F.  (University of Michigan),  The Origin and Early Form of Greek Tragedy

Mar.   7  “Dionysus, Goatmen, and Tragedy”

Mar.   8  “Solon and Pisistratus:  The Attic Matrix”

Mar. 10  “Thespis:  The Birth of Tragedy”

Mar. 11  “Aeschylus:  The Creation of Tragic Drama”

Vol. XX, The Origin and Early Form of Greek Tragedy (1965)

Paperback edition by W.W. Norton  (New York, 1972)


1961  WHITMAN, CEDRIC H.  (Harvard University),  Aristophanes the Poet

Mar. 20  “Comic Heroism”

Mar. 21  “Procedure by Images”

Mar. 23  “Anatomy of Nothingness:  The Birds

Mar. 24  “Discourse of Fantasy”

Vol. XIX, Aristophanes and the Comic Hero (1964, 2nd printing 1971)

1961  SCHLESINGER, ALFRED C.  (Oberlin College),  Boundaries of Dionysus:  Athenian Foundations for the Theory of Tragedy

Oct. 12  “Varieties of Tragedy”

Oct. 16  “Tragedy: Limits of Logic and Character”

Oct. 19  “Tragedy and Moral Frontier”

Oct. 23  “Tragedy: Criticism and Criteria”

Vol. XVII, Boundaries of Dionysus:  Athenian Foundations for the Theory of Tragedy (1963)


1962  EHRENBERG, VICTOR  (University of London, emeritus),  Society and Civilization in Greece and Rome

Nov.   4  “The Age of the Singers”

Nov.   8  “The Archaic Age”

Nov.   9  “The Athenian Century”

Nov. 12  “Early Republican Rome”

Vol. XVIII, Society and Civilization in Greece and Rome  (1964)

Italian edition by Il Saggiatore (Milan, 1972)


1963  ROBINSON, C.A. JR.  (Brown University),  The Development of Alexander's Fundamental Policy

Nov.  4  “Isolation”

Nov.  5  “Universalism”

Nov.  7  “Deification”

Nov.  8  “Autocracy”


1964   ARTZ, FREDERICK B.  (Oberlin College),

Feb.  6-17  “Renaissance Humanism”

Published as Renaissance Humanism,1300-1550  (Kent State University Press, 1966)


1964   ROWELL, HENRY T. (Johns Hopkins University), The Late Roman Scene:  The City of Rome in the Third and Fourth Centuries

Nov.    9  “The Physical City”

Nov.  10  “The Classes”

Nov.  12  “Social Life and Letters”

Nov.  13  “Rome in Men's Minds”


1966  STECHOW, WOLFGANG  (Oberlin College),  Rubens and the Classical Tradition

Apr. 25  “The Literary and Archaeological Heritage”

Apr. 28  “Adaptation”

May   2  “Transformation”

May   6  “Esthetics and Ethics”

Vol. XXII, Rubens and the Classical Tradition  (1969)


1966  MacKENDRICK, PAUL L.  (University of Wisconsin),  The Athenian Aristocracy

Oct. 13-18  “The Archeological Evidence”

“An Aristocratic Reformer: Kleisthenes and After”

“Aristocracy and the Athenian Empire”

“Aristocracy and Decadence, 429-399 B.C.”

Vol. XXIII, The Athenian Aristocracy, 399 to 31 B.C.  (1969)


1968  WOODHEAD, A. GEOFFREY  (Cambridge University),  Dynamis: Thucydides on the Nature of Power

Mar. 11  “Power and the Historian: Thucydides”

Mar. 12  “Power and the People: the Athenian Empire”

Mar. 13  “Power and the Elite: The Oligarchic Revolution”

Mar. 14  “Power and the Individual: Alcibiades”

Mar. 15  “Power and Public Opinion”

Vol. XXIV, Thucydides on the Nature of Power  (1970)

Japanese edition by Keisuisha (Tokyo, 1976?)


1969  MICHELS, AGNES KIRSOPP  (Bryn Mawr College),  Rome and the Gods

Jan. 20  “The Past”

Jan. 21  “The Present”

Jan. 23  “The Future”

Jan. 24  “The Turning Point”


1970  ROBB, DAVID M.  (University of Pennsylvania),  The Classical Tradition in Western Medieval Manuscript Illumination

Jan. 13  “Book Illustration and Decoration in Late Antiquity”

Jan. 14  “The Classical Tradition: Migration and Diffusion”

Jan. 16  “The Carolingian Renovation and its Aftermath”

Jan. 17  “The Proto-Renaissance of the Romanesque Twelfth Century”


1970  BROWER, REUBEN A.  (Harvard University),  Graeco-Roman Heroes in Elizabethan Dress:  The Heroic Context of Shakespearean Tragedy

Oct. 12  “Chapman's Iliad

Oct. 13  “Our Virgil”

Oct. 15  “The Senecan Version”

Oct. 16  “Shakespeare and the Discovery of Plutarch: Julius Caesar

Published as Hero and Saint (Oxford University Press, 1971)


1972  NORTH, HELEN F.  (Swarthmore College),  The Shield of Amphiaraus: Reflections of Greek Ethical Doctrine in Literature and Art

Feb.   7  “Mythology: Gods, Heroes, and Archetypal Patterns of the Virtues”

Feb.   8  “Politics and Education: Moral Values for the City-State”

Feb. 10  “Eloquence: Rhetoric and Ethics in the Fourth Century”

Feb. 11  “Art: The Iconography of the Cardinal Virtues”

Published as From Myth to Icon (Cornell University Press, 1979)


1973  MARTI, BERTHE  (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill),  Imitation and Originality in the Latin Epic of the Silver Age

Mar. 12  “The Tyranny of Vergil”

Mar. 13  “The Reaction against the Aeneid: Lucan's Pharsalia

Mar. 15  “The Reaction against the Pharsalia and the Punica: The Thebais of Statius and the Argonautica of Valerius Flaccus”

1974  SEGAL, CHARLES P.  (Brown University),  Tragedy and Civilization: An Interpretation of Sophocles

Mar. 11  “Tragedy and the Civilizing Power: Sophocles and Some Fifth-Century Perspectives” (Illustrated)

Mar. 12  “Beast-Man and God-Beast: Sacrifice, Marriage, and Civilization in the Women of Trachis

Mar. 14  Antigone: Cave and City, Hades and Dionysus”

Mar. 15  Oedipus the King: The House and the Mountain”

Vol. XXVI, Tragedy and Civilization: An Interpretation of Sophocles (1981)

Paperback edition by Oklahoma University Press  (Norman OK, 1999)


1975  Classical Antiquity and the Comic Spirit: A conference in honor of Charles T. Murphy on the occasion of his retirement.  (Co-sponsored with the Alumni Association.)

Feb. 7  John H. Kroll ('59): “TA PONHRA CALKIA:  Those wretched coppers...”

Theodore A. Tarkow ('66):  “The peripeteia of Dikaiopolis: Some observations on the Acharnians

Paul B. Harvey, Jr. ('67):  “Murder Most Curious: Social and legal aspects of Lysias 1”

Alfred C. Schlesinger (Professor Emeritus):  “Public Comedy and Private Thought” 

Feb. 8  Owen C. Cramer ('62):  “Some Homeric Laughter”

David G. Mitten  ('57):  “Humor in Archaic Greek Art”

Cynthia Sheldon Dessen  ('60):  “Plautus' Dark Comedy: The Truculentus

Robert B. Lloyd  ('48):  “Humor in the Aeneid


1975  QUINN, KENNETH  (University of Toronto),  The Roman Writer and His Audience

Apr.   7  “The Primacy of Performance”

Apr.   8  “The Literary Critics”

Apr. 10  “The Writers and their Patrons”

Apr. 11  “From Poetry to Prose: from Moral Concern to Entertainment”

Published as Texts and Contexts: the Roman writers and their audience (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979)

Abridged as “The Poet and his Audience in the Augustan Age”, in Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römischen Welt: II. Principat, vol. III, part I, pp. 75-180 (Berlin: Walter Gruyter, 1982)


1976  SULLIVAN, JOHN P.  (State University of New York, Buffalo),  Literary Politics in the Age of Nero

Mar.   8  “Propaganda and Patronage: Nero's Years of Grace”

Mar.   9  “Callimachean Critiques:  Nero and Persius”

Mar. 11  “The Stoic Opposition?  Seneca and Lucan”

Mar. 12  “Court Politics and Petronius”

Published as Literature and Politics in the Age of Nero (Cornell University Press, 1985)


1977  SOLMSEN, FRIEDERICH  (Cornell University),  Isis: Her Message and Appeal to Greeks and Romans

Apr. 25 “The Greeks in Egypt: Isis adopted and worshipped”

Apr. 26 “Isis' religious conquests and cultural message”

Apr. 28 “Isis in Greek thought and Roman feeling”

Apr. 29 “The nature of Isis' appeal”

Vol. XXV, Isis Among the Greeks and Romans (1979)


1978  BURNETT, ANNE PIPPIN  (University of Chicago),  The Art of Bacchylides

Apr. 3 “Bacchylides and Choral Lyric”

Apr. 4 “The Epinician Burden”

Apr. 6 “The Cut of the Myth”

Apr. 8 “Bacchylides the Dramatist”

Vol. XXIX, The Art of Bacchylides  (1985)


1979  BADIAN, ERNST  (Harvard University),  Demosthenes: Mission and Compromise in a  Democracy

Apr. 23 “A Hero for Our Times?”

Apr. 24 “The Making of a Mission”

Apr. 26 “Persuading a Democracy”

Apr. 27 “The Politics of Despair”


1980  SCHMITT, CHARLES B.  (Warburg Institute, London),  Aristotle and the Renaissance

Apr.   7 “Renaissance Aristotelianisms”

Apr.   8 “Aristotelian Literature”

Apr. 10 “Translations”

Apr. 11 “Eclectic Aristotelianism”

Vol. XXVII, Aristotle and the Renaissance (1983)

French edition: Aristote et la Renaissance, tr. Luce Giard (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1992)


1981  KNOX, BERNARD M. W.  (The Hellenic Center),  The Iliad of Homer

Mar.   9 “History”

Mar. 10 “Fiction”

Mar. 12 “War-Poem”

Mar. 13 “Tragic Poem”


1982  LANG, MABEL L.  (Bryn Mawr College),  Herodotean Narrative and Discourse

Feb. 22 “Narrative Transitions”

Feb. 23 “Patterns of Discourse”

Feb. 25 “How Could Herodotus Imitate Homer?”

Feb. 26 “Look to the End”

Vol. XXVIII, Herodotean Narrative and Discourse (1985)


1983  FENIK, BERNARD C.  (University of Cincinnati),  Carminum Factura: Comparative Studies in the Epic Styles of Homer and the Nibelungenlied

Feb. 14 “Homer I: The Wrath of Agamemnon (Iliad 11)”

Feb. 15 “Homer II: Portraits in Victory and Defeat (Iliad 11 & 12)”

Feb. 17 “Nibelungenlied I: The Shaping of Narrative. Form and Content”

Feb. 18 “Nibelungenlied II: Formularity and Artistic Design”

Vol. XXX, Homer and the Nibelungenlied (1986)


1983  JAMESON, MICHAEL H.  (Stanford University),  Sacrifice and Society in Ancient Greece

Oct. 31 “Thysia: Honoring the Gods”

Nov.  1 “Varieties of Ritual Experience”

Nov.  3 “Economy and Society”

Nov.  4 “Prometheus:  Trick or Treat?”


1984   JOHNSON, W. RALPH  (Cornell University),  Momentary Monsters: Lucan and His Heroes

Nov. 12 “Erichtho and Her Universe”

Nov. 13 “Cato: the Delusions of Virtue”

Nov. 15 “Pompey: the Illusions of History”

Nov. 16 “Caesar: the Realities of Power and of Decadence”

Published as Momentary Monsters: Lucan and His Heroes (Cornell University Press, 1987)


1986  NUSSBAUM, MARTHA C.  (Brown University),  The Therapy of Desire: Theory and Practice in Hellenistic Ethics

Apr.   7 “Medical Dialectic”

Apr.   8 “Epicurean Surgery”

Apr.   9 “Skeptic Purgatives”

Apr. 10 “Stoic Tonics”

Apr. 11 “Serpents in the Soul”

NS (New series published by Princeton University Press)  Vol. II, The Therapy of Desire (1994; pb 1996)


1987  PERADOTTO, JOHN  (State University of New York, Buffalo),  Narration and Nomination in the Odyssey

Apr.   7 “Polyainos: Myth vs. Folktale in the Odyssey”

Apr.   8 “Polytlas: The Ends of the Odyssey”

Apr.   9 “Polytropos: The Naming of the Subject”

Apr. 10 “Polyaretos: The Unhallowed Name of Odysseus”

Apr. 11 “Outis: The Nomanclature of the Self”

NS (New series published by Princeton University Press)  Vol. I, Man in the Middle Voice: Name and Narration in the Odyssey (1990)


1988  HOPKINS, KEITH  (Cambridge University),  The Impact of Empire

Mar. 14 “The City of Rome in the Imperial Economy”

Mar. 15 “Literacy and Money in an Egyptian Village”

Mar. 17 “Violence and Justice in Small Towns”

Mar. 18 “Symbolic Unity and Diversity”


1988  WINKLER, JOHN J.  (Stanford University),  The Ephebes' Song:  Athenian Drama and the Poetics of Manhood

Sept. 26 “The Dance of Hippokleides”

Sept. 27 “Representing the Body Politic”

Sept. 29 “Cockfighting and Kindunos”

Sept. 30 “An Oscar of Iphigeneia”


1991  HERINGTON, JOHN  (Yale University),  The Poetic Element in Herodotus

Mar. 4 “Between Two Worlds”

Mar. 5 “Narrative Patterns in Herodotus, and their Poetic Ancestry”

Mar. 7 “The Grand Design: Homer and Herodotus”

Mar. 8 “The Integrated Vision in Early Greek Poetry and Herodotus”


1992  CARSON, ANNE  (McGill University),  Greed: A Fractal Approach to Simonides

Apr. 27 “The Art of Negative Attention”

Apr. 28 “Radical Defect Radical Eye:  Greed for the Invisible”

Apr. 30 “Writing on the World:  Greed for Exactitude”

May   1 “Your Money or Your Life”

NS Vol. IV, Economy of the Unlost: Reading Simonides of Keos with Paul Celan  (1999)


1993  JANKO, RICHARD  (University of California, Los Angeles),  From Aristotle to Horace: The Invention of Critical Theory

Apr. 12 “The Schools of Athens: Poetics in the Fourth Century”

Apr. 13 “Homeric Questions and Aristotelian Answers”

Apr. 14 “Reborn from the Ashes: the kritikoi in the Herculaneum Scrolls”

Apr. 15 “The Leaves of the Sibyl: Philodemus' Roman Legacy”


1994  OBER, JOSIAH  (Princeton University),  Democracy and its Discontents: Athenian Critics of Popular Rule

Feb. 21 “How to criticize democracy in classical Athens”

Feb. 22 “Thucydides and the problem of public speech”

Feb. 24 “Plato and the problem of political knowledge”

Feb. 25 “Aristotle rethinks the polis”

NS Vol. III, Political Dissent in Democratic Athens: Intellectual Critics of Popular Rule  (1998)


1995  FOLEY, HELENE  (Barnard College),  Women as Moral Agents in Greek Literature

Feb. 13 “Female Moralities”

Feb. 14 “The Virgin's Choice”

Feb. 16 “The Persuasion of a Woman”

Feb. 17 “Eros and Action”

NS Vol. V, Female Acts in Greek Tragedy  (2001)


1996  FRIER, BRUCE W.  (University of Michigan),  Life and Death in the Roman World

Mar. 4 “Quality of Life”

Mar. 5 “Death”

Mar. 7 “Marriage and the Family”

Mar. 8 “Childbirth”


1997  BARNES, JONATHAN  (University of Geneva),  The Greeks and  the Rational

Feb. 17 “Faith and Logic”

Feb. 18 “Science and Logic”

Feb. 20 “Skepticism and Logic”

Feb. 21 “The Origins of Logic”


1998  EDWARDS, MARK  (Stanford University),  Sound, Sense and Rhythm: Listening to Ancient Poetry

Feb. 16 “Homer I:  Scene-Change and Summary”

Feb. 17 “Homer II:  Poetry and Speech”

Feb. 19 “The Music of Aeschylus”

Feb. 20 “The Force of Latin”

NS Vol. VI, Sound, Sense and Rhythm: Listening to Greek and Latin Poetry  (2002)


1998  ANTHOS:  Blossoms of a Fertile Career, A Symposium in Honor of Nathan A. Greenberg's 70th Birthday

Hugh H. Benson '78 (University of Oklahoma), “Socratic Self-Knowledge in the Charmides”

John Dillery '83 (University of Virginia), “The Wisdom of the Alien: Cross-cultural Perspectives and Interactions in the Early Hellenistic Period”

 Pamela Gordon '79 (University of Kansas), “Fat Phaeacians and Epicurean Pigs”

 William A. Johnson '78 (Bucknell University), “Paradigm Shifts: The Sociology of Reading in Ancient Greece and in Today's Computer Age”

 Matthew R. Christ (Indiana University), “Cowards, Traitors, and Cheats:  The Other Athenians”

 Clara Shaw Hardy '83 (Carleton College), “Improvisation and Control in Plautus' Persa.”

 Christopher Craig '74 (University of Tennessee), “Demanding Decency in Cicero's Speeches”

K. Sara Myers '83 (University of Virginia), “Ovid's 'Aeneids': Reinvention and Reinterpretation.”


1999  RECKFORD, KENNETH  (University of North Carolina),  In Search of Persius

Apr. 5 “Performing Privately (Satire 1)”

Apr. 6 “Voices and Bodies (Satire 3)”

Apr. 8 “Freedom or Slavery (Satire 5)”

Apr. 9 “Life, Death, and Art (Satire 6)”


2000  GAISSER, JULIA  (Bryn Mawr College),  Transformations of Apuleius

Apr. 3  “Apuleius:  A Celebrity and his Image”

Apr. 4  “Exemplary Behavior:  The Medieval Apuleius”

Apr. 6  “Making an Impression:  The Renaissance Apuleius”

Apr. 7  “Speaking in Tongues: The European Apuleius”

NS Vol. VIII, The Fortunes of Apuleius (2008)


2001  O’DONNELL, JAMES J.  (University of Pennsylvania),  The Lives of Augustine

Mar. 5  “Death in Hippo”

Mar. 6  “The Man without Qualities”

Mar. 8  “The Past Recaptured”

Mar. 9  “The Tongue Set Free”


2002  MORRIS, IAN  (Stanford University),  The Greek Economic Miracle

Feb. 11 “The Case of the Missing Capitalists”

Feb. 12  “How the Good Life Got Better in Ancient Greece”

Feb. 14  “Weight of Numbers: the Economic History of the Very Long Term”

Feb. 15  “Making Sense of Miracles”


2003  NAGY, GREGORY  (Harvard University),  Masterpieces of Classical Metonomy

Mar. 3  "Music at the Festival"

Mar. 4  "Art and its Attractions"

Mar. 6  "Beauty and its Delicate Creations"

Mar. 7  "Mysteries of Fusion"


2004  PUTNAM, MICHAEL  (Brown University)  Poetic Interplay: Catullus and Horace

                 Mar. 8  "Time and Place"

     Mar. 9  "Speech and Silence"

                 Mar.11 "Helen"

                 Mar.12 " Virgil"

NS. Vol. VII,  Poetic Interplay: Catullus and Horace (2006)


2005  KURKE, LESLIE (University of California at Berkeley)  Aesopic Conversations: 

                        Popular Tradition and Cultural Dialogue in Antiquity

                 Feb. 28  “The Aesop Tradition and Aesop at Delphi”

                 Mar. 1   “Aesop as sage: Political Counsel and Discursive Practice”

                 Mar. 3   “The Aesopic Parody of High Wisdom”

                 Mar. 4   “Aesop in Plato and Herodotus, or the Socio-Politics of Prose”


2006  GRUEN, ERICH (University of California at Berkeley) Identity Theft: Cultural

                        Appropriations and Collective Identity in Antiquity

                 Feb. 27  “Fictitious Kinships”

                 Feb. 28  “Foundation Legends”

                 Mar. 2   “Cultural Appropriation and Approbation”

                 Mar. 3   “Embracing the ‘Other’”


2007  ROBIN OSBORNE (The University of Cambridge) The Politics of Pictorial

                       Representation in Early Athenian Democracy

                 Mar. 5  “Painted Pottery and its History”

                 Mar. 6  “The Politics of War”

                 Mar. 8  “Athletics and the Politics of Desire”

                 Mar. 9  “Pots and Politics”


2008  JOSEPH FARRELL (The University of Pennsylvanis) Juno's Aeneid: Narrative,

                    Metapoetics, Dissent

                Feb. 25  "The Choice of Aeneas: Achilles and Odysseus in the Eyes of Homer's Critics

                Feb. 26  "The Wrath of Jono In Vergil's Homeric Program

                Feb. 28  "The Vergilian narrator and Augustus' Culture of Dissent

                Feb. 29  "No Second Troy? Reading with Aeneas"


2009  CHRISTINA KRAUS (Yale University)  Tacitean Polyphonies:

The Agricola and its Scholarly Reception

                 April 13 “The Agricola and the Problem of Genre”

                 April 14 “In the Castra with the Lead Pipe: the Fetishization of Roman Britain”

                 April 16 “Which Tacitus? The Agricola and the Career of the Author”

                 April 17  “The Challenges of Commentary”


2010  SIMON GOLDHILL (Cambridge University) Virigins, Lions, and Honest Pluck:

                        The Victorians and Classical Antiquity

                 Feb. 22 “Desire and the Classical body: Victorian Imaging,

                                    from Waterhouse to Warhol”

                 Feb. 23 “Who Killed Chevalier Gluck?|

                 Feb. 25 “The Most Popular American Book Ever”

                 Feb. 26  “How Classics Destroyed the Church”


2011  VICTORIA WOHL (University of Toronto) Euripides and the Politics of Form

                 Feb. 21 “The Politics of Form”

                 Feb. 22 “Broken Plays for a Broken World”

                 Feb. 24 “Beautiful Tears”

                 Feb. 25 “The End”

2012 ALESSANDRO BARCHIESI (University of Siena, Stanford University) The Council of the Gods

Nov. 5 "The Divine Senate"

Nov. 6 "The Council in Hell"

Nov. 8 "A Triadic Model"

Nov. 9 "Adjustment Team"

2013 DAVID FRANKFURTER (Boston University) Christianizing Egypt: Syncretism and Local Worlds

Nov. 4. "Re-Modeling the Christianization of Egypt"

Nov. 5 "Domestic Religion and Religious Change"

Nov. 7 "A Site of Blessings, Dreams and Wonders:

The Egyptian Saint's Shrine as a Crucible of Christianization"

Nov. 8 "Whispering Spirits, Holy Processions: Christianizing the Egyptian Religious Landscape"

2014 RICHARD MARTIN (Stanford University) Homer Abroad: Greek Epic in Comparative Perspective

Oct. 6 "Crete and Homeric Singers"

Oct. 7 "Ireland and Homeric Audiences"

Oct. 9 "Kyrgystan and Homeric Heroes"

Oct. 10 "Mali and Homeric Composers"