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Non-CAS Program courses that count for the major and Courtesy Faculty

Non-CAS Program courses that count for the major and Courtesy Faculty

Comparative American Studies Courses in Various Disciplines:

Students majoring or minoring in Comparative American Studies may count certain courses in other departments and programs toward their program requirements. The following list of cross-referenced courses are either current as of October 2013 or are previously cross-referenced courses but still count toward program requirements. The list will be updated as relevant courses appear in the curriculum. Students may apply to the Program Director to count courses not currently on the list.

FYSP 070 Uncle Sam(urai): Japan-U.S. Encounters since 1853
FYSP 072 Bodies in Play: Athletics, Identity and Culture in America
FYSP 074 Race and Place: Reading the Rez, the Holler, and the Cul-de-Sac
FYSP 076 The Privileged and the Marginalized: History and Culture of American Colleges and Universities
FYSP 110 Black Women and Liberation
FYSP 115 The Literature of Atlantic Slavery
FYSP 118 The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender with Social Class in Contemporary America
FYSP 119 The First Amendment and the Internet
FYSP 127 Race-ing the Environment: Historical Approaches to Race and Environmental History
FYSP 132 Searching for Utopia: Episodes in American History
FYSP 134 Crossing Borders: Mysteries of Identity
FYSP 136 Ways of Seeing, Ways of Knowing
FYSP 143 Deconstructing Technology
FYSP 144 Malcom X and Martin Luther King, Jr.
FYSP 146 HIV/AIDS in America
FYSP 163 She Works Hard for the Money: Women, Work, and the Persistence of Inequality
FYSP 166 America's Concentration Campus
FYSP 191 Social Justice in the United States

AAST 072: Blues Aesthetic (also ARTS 072)
AAST 100: What is Black? Comparative Identity, History and Struggle in Cuba and the US
AAST 101 Introduction to the Black Experience
AAST 117 Immigrant and Second-Generation American Literature
AAST 118 Ritual and Performance I: The World According to the Yoruba and their Descendants in the New World
AAST 201 African American History to 1865
AAST 202 African American History Since 1865
AAST 219 Freedom Movements: Civil Rights and Black Power 
AAST 220 Doin' Time: A History of Black Incarceration
AAST 226 Slave Revolts in Atlantic World
AAST 228 Katrina and the Black Freedom Struggle in Louisiana
AAST 231 African American Politics
AAST 247 Black Popular Literature
AAST 240 How to Win a Beauty Pageant: Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity
AAST 248 Resistance and Voice: Literature of the African Diaspora
AAST 261 Framing Blackness I: African Americans and Film In The United States, 1915 to the Present
AAST 264 African American Drama
AAST 268 Black Arts Workshop
AAST 285 African American Women's History
AAST 320 Practicum in Social Justice Education: Oberlin-Grafton Education Exchange
AAST 321 Black Feminist Thought
AAST 345 Narratives of Passing
AAST 361 Framing Blackness: African Americans and Cinema in the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries
AAST 368 Black Arts Workshop II: African Diasporan Culture in Performance from Blues to Hip Hop

ANTH 278 Human Rights, Universalism and Cultural Relativism
ANTH 353 Cultural Theory
ANTH 413 From Comanches to Aztecs: Cultural Transformations in Native North America

ARTS 046 - Thievery for Artists

CRWR 227 Asian Pacific American Writing 

DANC 210 Political Performance in the Americas
DANC 214 Moving into Community

EAST 362- The Korean War

ECON 219 Labor-Management Relations
ECON 242 Financial Economic History
ECON 320 Labor Economics
ECON 452 Seminar on Financial Crises in the United States

ENGL 142 Highlights in the Black Novel
ENGL 238 Contemporary American Fiction
ENGL 242 Asian American Literature at the Crossroads
ENGL 255: The Concept of Nature in Early American Writing
ENGL 256 Creole Crosscurrents: Early Caribbean Literature and Culture
ENGL 257 American Literature at the Turn into the Twentieth Century: Making and Re-Making "Americans”
ENGL 258 August Wilson: The Century Cycle
ENGL 260 Black Humor and Irony: Modern Literary Experiments
ENGL 261 Constructing the Subject: African American Women and the Auto-text
ENGL 267 Ethnic American Literature
ENGL 277 American Drama
ENGL 330 Modernist Chicago: Urban Literature and Sociology
ENGL 344 Uncle Tom's Cabin: Icon and Archive
ENGL 349 Contemporary Drama: 1980-Presen
ENGL 356 New Orleans, New England, and the Question of Postbellum U.S. Regionalism
ENGL 357 Transatlantic Currents: 19th Century American and British Literature
ENGL 359 "Race-ing" Studies in Classic American Literature
ENGL 360 Globalization and Diaspora
ENGL 363 Gaines, Morrison, Wideman: Textualizing Orality and Literacy
ENGL 373 American Literature, Movies, and Culture in the 1930s: Art and Social Value
ENGL 379 Welfare Queens and Tiger Moms: Reading Transgressive Motherhood

ENVS 201 Nature, Culture, and Interpretation
ENVS 219: Climate Change: Ethics, Equity, Narrative
ENVS 302 American Agricultures
ENVS 304 Seminar: Environmental Justice Literature

HISP 312 Latino and Latin American Folklore 
HISP 438 Don Quijote in Contemporary Hollywood

HIST 103 American History to 1877
HIST 104 American History, 1877 to the Present: Major Problems of Interpretation
HIST 201 Brutal Borders: US and Mexico in an Era of Globalization
HIST 213 First Wave American Feminism
HIST 226 World War II and the Making of the 20th Century
HIST 227 The History and Practice of Whiteness in the United States
HIST 243 Race Gender, and American Social Movements
HIST 244 The United States in the Second World War
HIST 246 American Orientalism
HIST 251 U.S. Foreign Policy
HIST 252 American Environmental History
HIST 253 Roosevelt to Reagan: American Political History, 1933-1989
HIST 253 The US Since 1945
HIST 256 Im/migration in U.S. History
HIST 257 Westward Bound: The West in American History
HIST 260 Asian American History
HIST 265 American Sexualities
HIST 268 Oberlin History as American History
HIST 270 Latina/o History
HIST 282 The Invention of Asia
HIST 285 American Indians: Pre-Columbus to the Present
HIST 291 Latin America in the US Imagination
HIST 308 Seminar: Gender & the Suburbs
HIST 318 American Orientalism
HIST 327 Borderlands
HIST 328 American Mixed Blood
HIST 331 Race and Sexuality in United States History
HIST 332 Historical Memory in the United States
HIST 333 The Cold War
HIST 337 American Democracy
HIST 339 Motion Picture Censorship
HIST 342 Race, Gender, and American Social Movements
HIST 344 Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Icon and Archive
HIST 396 Seminar: US Foreign Policy and MENA
HIST 398 Seminar: Archiving Sex: Research America’s Sexual Pasts
HIST 406 Colloquium: Motion Picture Censorship
HIST 427 Colloquium: Borderlands
HIST 423 Colloquium: (US)SR: Comparative Cold Wars
HIST 451 Rebellion in the 17th Century
HIST 465 Colloquium: Histories of Second Wave Feminisms
HIST 473 Colloquium: Race, Religion, and Violence in Early American
HIST 478 Colloquium: Commodities and Commodization in US History
History 479 Readings in 20th c. Urban History

JWST 309 Seminar: Modern Jewish Identity

MHST 221 American Music
MHST 290 Introduction to African American Music
MHST 291 Introduction to African American Music

POLT 100 Introduction to American Politics
POLT 105 American Government: Election 2016 Who Will Win the Presidency?
POLT 200 Mass Politics in a Media Age
POLT 202 American Constitutional Law
POLT 203 The First Amendment
POLT 206 The Politics of Sexual Minority Communities
POLT 207 American Political Development
POLT 208 Environmental Policy
POLT 209 Public Policy in America
POLT 213 The Political Economy of Gender in Advanced Capitalism 
POLT 215 The Political Economy of Labor
POLT 216 The Political Economy of Advanced Capitalism
POLT 219 Work, Workers and Trade Unions in Advanced Capitalist Societies
POLT 227 War, Weapons, and Arms Control
POLT 228 US Foreign Policy Making
POLT 238 Modern American Political Thought
POLT 271 Gender, Sexuality, and the Law
POLT 301 Seminar: Constitutional Law: First Amendment
POLT 302 Parties, Partisanship and Ideology in America
POLT 305 Seminar: The Presidency
POLT 308 Constitutional Interpretation and Individual Rights
POLT 309  Justice
POLT 315 Seminar: Future of Organized Labor
POLT 317 The Transformation of the Welfare State 
POLT 325 America's Alliances in East Asia
POLT 329 Globalization
POLT 334 Seminar: Theories of Justice and Democracy in Contemporary America
POLT 402 American Democracy: Law and Policy

RELG 228 Contemporary Political Theologies 
RELG 243 The Ethics of Ordinary Life in the Americas
RELG 245 Religion and Ethics
RELG 249 Issues in Medical Ethics
RELG 262 Religious Identity in Multicultural Perspective
RELG 263 Roots of Religious Feminism in North America 
RELG 282 Survey of American Christianity
RELG 284 The History of the African-American Religious Experience
RELG 285 Evangelicalism in the United States
RELG 286 Religions in the New World: Pre-Columbian to Slave Emancipation
RELG 289 Festivals of the Americas
RELG 290 The Meanings of the Memorial Arch
RELG 366 Seminar: Feminist Interpretations of Evil
RELG 376 Theologies of Abortion
RELG 384 Seminar: The Black Theology Movement
RELG 387 Seminar: Religion and U.S. Social Welfare Policy and Social Work: A Historical Perspective

RHET 104 Writing About a Topic: Queering the Reel
RHET 204: Writing for Social Justice

SOCI 203 Desire to be Modern: Sociology of Sexuality
SOCI 214 Social Movements
SOCI 215 Contemporary Asian American Experience
SOCI 224 Sociology of Sport
SOCI 227 Sociology of Gender
SOCI 235 Gender Stratification 
SOCI 241 Urban Sociology
SOCI 241 American Urbanism
SOCI 250 Sociology of Popular Culture
SOCI 264 American Families: Comfort, Conflict, and Criticism
SOCI 277 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 314 Unequal Educations
SOCI 335 Globalization
SOCI 342 Immigration and Globalization: Spaces, Places and Crossings
SOCI 348 Constructing Immigrant Communities
SOCI 378 Sociology of the African-American Community
SOCI 403 Seminar in Social Psychology: African-American Personality
SOCI 420 Social Inequalities: Class, Race, and Gender
SOCI 443 Generation X: Relationship, Work, Culture & Communication 
SOCI 445 Seminar in Urban Sociology: Housing America

THEA 229 Autobiography and Performance 
THEA 264 African American Drama
THEA 268 Black Arts Workshop
THEA 271/DANC 271 Queer Acts
THEA 275 African American Performance Theater
THEA 368 Black Arts Workshop II