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Possible Internships


Possible internships Offered through CAST Alumni

CASTRO, Alma '10
Labor Organizing, first in santa fe NM And now in Chicago, IL

Through the Chicago workers collaborative, we can offer a verity of internship opportunities for Winter Term (January), Summer internship, or a Practicum. E-mail me at if interested. (2016)

CORTES, Katrina '14
Worked two years for Americorps Public Allies New York, doing housing organizing with GOLES Good Old Lower East Side (preventing people from being displaced in the Lower East Side, New York). I recently got a job doing direct services with the New York Public Library which I am extremely excited about. In my free time I am developing myself as a musician, performing at open mics, and have been organizing with various collectives. One is called Anakbayan New York, and they sent me on what is called an Exposure Trip to the Philippines during an international conference called the International League of Peoples Struggles, where organizers from all over the world came together to strategize how to combat the violence of imperialism. I also am part of the Jackson Heights Cop Watch team, also a collective organization in my hometown that educates people about their rights and documents police violence in the neighborhood.

Winter Term (January), Summer internship, Practicum, Research Assistant possibilities: Introduction to community organizing, leftist organizing, direct services, and anti-gentrification movements, international solidarity. 
I can be contacted via email at

LINGAT, Joelle Eliza '14

Law school!
Winter Term (January), Summer internship, Practicum possibilities: Working with grassroots community-based social justice organizations on campaigns work and organizing. Email me at or 201-675-8278. (2016)

SCHRAG, Sarah '11

Teaching high school English in Newark, NJ. About to begin year 6!

I teach at a charter school in Newark, and if anyone is interested in learning more about this experience, I could see if my school could use a "teaching assistant" or another volunteer role so that a CAS major could gain experience in this field. Winter Term (January), could potentially have someone shadow me if they are interested in teaching. If interested please contact me at (2016)

Other Possibilities Offered Through the Career Center

Funding through the Career Center is only available for unpaid, off-campus, full-time, domestic or international experiences sponsored by an established nonprofit organization, for-profit employer or government agency. Funding can only be applied to travel, transportation, housing, food, and utility expenses related to the experience.

Susan L. Phillips ‘76 Social Justice Internship Fund (up to 5,000)

Provides financial support to students for expenses related to unpaid or low-paid summer internships that directly support workers’ rights, civil liberties and rights, poverty, food security, gender equality, environmental protection, and homelessness. Other areas will be considered if the applicant can satisfactorily demonstrate how their internship relates to social justice or the greater social good. Students selected to receive this fund whose need-based financial aid package from Oberlin includes a summer earnings expectation may use a portion of their award to cover this obligation and offset lost summer earnings.


  • Students from all classes (including graduating seniors) and all majors
  • Students with demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fund (up to $5,000)

Provides financial support for very high-need students to participate in low- or unpaid career-related experiences. These experiences, which include but are not limited to internships, performance opportunities for musicians, research across fields/disciplines, and pre-professional employment, should promote the student’s professional development with meaningful career-building exposure. Students may use a portion of their award to cover their summer earnings expectation listed on their financial aid package from Oberlin and to offset lost summer earnings.


  • First, second and third-year students from all majors
  • Must qualify for a Pell grant

International Summer Fellowship (up to $5,000)

Provides financial support for students to participate in summer opportunities conducted abroad, including internships, service-learning or applied research projects. The opportunity must take place at a non-U.S. location, and it may be paid. Students should seek organizations that will expose them to a global dimension which complements their studies and offers a transformative international experience.


  • First, second and third-year students from all majors.
  • Priority will be given to students with significant coursework in international topics and an articulated connection between the opportunity and their course of study.
  • Students with demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply.
  • International students are eligible as long as their visa allows them to participate in an opportunity within the identified country.

Creativity & Leadership (C&L) Internship Stipend (up to $2,500)

Provides support for entrepreneurial internships that might include but are not limited to: conducting research or investigating a potential venture with an experienced entrepreneur, serving as an intern with an established organization or individual/team engaged in a successful venture, interning with a startup organization, or receiving mentoring from an experienced entrepreneur and developing skills to further personal entrepreneurial aspirations.


  • Students from all classes (including graduating seniors) and from all majors.
  • Strong interest in entrepreneurship and/or plans to undertake an entrepreneurial venture.

Marion B. Anderson 1954 Fund for Aspiring Peace Activists (up to $2,500)

Provides financial support for students participating in peace-oriented activities, organizing to promote reallocation of resources to non-military needs, and “anti-war” projects in the United States. Students can intern with an established organization or pursue an independent project sponsored by an established organization that focuses on the areas listed above.


  • Second and third-year students from all majors. Priority will be given to students with domestic anti-war proposals.
  • Students must identify an Oberlin College faculty sponsor/mentor on their application, particularly if they choose to pursue an independent project.

Harvey Gittler Internship Fund in Civil Liberties (up to $2,500)

Provides financial support to students who pursue internships with agencies and other organizations that work on issues related to civil liberties.


  • First, second and third-year students from all majors.
  • Priority will be given to students with serious interest in civil liberties.
  • Students with demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply.

Godlove Rubin Family Public Interest Internship Fund (up to $2,500)

Provides financial support to students involved in summer internships at nonprofit organizations focused on public interest or government agencies.


  • First, second and third-year students from all majors

Career Center Summer Internship Funds (up to $2,500)

Provides financial support to enable student(s) to perform community service or unpaid internships by providing financial support to assist with travel, transportation, housing, food and utility expenses while the student participates in the experience.

Career Center funds include the Class of 1968 Endowed Leadership Award, Peter Goldsmith Endowed Internship Fund, and the Young Alumni Internship Fund.


  • First, second and third-year students from all majors

Other Possibilities Offered by Non-Alum

My name is Achilles Morales, I am a community organizer with Stronger U.S. Education Fund. We are a non-profit based in Toledo and now branching out to Lorain. Our mission is to reinvigorate our democracy through a data-driven, civic engagement programs focused on economic fairness and access to the American Dream.

This summer and early fall we are running a deep canvassing experiment, that is focused on increasing the amount of people who want to take action on climate change.
We are offering a fellowship for students, giving them the opportunity to get involved in the community work that we are doing. Our fellowship will allow fellows to learn the nuts and bolts of what it is to be a community organizer. As well as the chance to learn about the ground breaking social science research that is taking place on renewable energy.

Current internship and fellowship openings:

Causa Justa Internships Available

About Causa Justa:

In Oakland and San Francisco we’re challenging displacement and gentrification by growing coalitions and campaigns that confront corporate development with strategic community demands that serve the people.

A society organized in support of human development ensures that all people, regardless of immigration status, have a right to work and live with dignity, respect and without fear. We envision a world without deportation or violence and we provide a framework from which our members organize, advocate, agitate and educate.

We invest in the leadership of working class Black and Latino families to build the community power that will ensure long-term economic, racial and gender equity. We create spaces for our members to learn with each other and build relationships, to step forward as protagonists and voice their experiences and visions.

For more information about this internship, see Rachel Leader,

For more possible opportunities please visit the GSFS Internship page as well.