Comparative Literature
Department Chair:
Jed Deppman

Administrative Assistant:
Brenda Snell

Department Email:

Phone: (440) 775-8345

King Building 125
10 N. Professor St.
Oberlin, OH, 44074

About the Faculty

About the Faculty

Jed Deppman

Professor of Comparative Literature and English
Director, Comparative Literature Program
Office: Rice Hall 28
Phone: (440) 775-6879

Stiliana Milkova

Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature Office: Rice Hall 08
Phone: (440) 775-5212

Tim Scholl

Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature
Director, Oberlin Center for Languages and Cultures
Office: Peters Hall 227
Phone: (440) 775-8920

Patrick O'Connor

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature Office: Peters 407
Phone: (440) 775-8922

Nicholas Jones

Professor of English (not teaching Spring 2017) Office: Rice Hall 103
Phone: (440) 775-8580

William Patrick Day

Professor of English and Cinema Studies Office: Rice Hall 124
Phone: (440) 775-8574

Kazim Ali

Associate Professor of Creative Writing and Comparative Literature Office: 153 W. Lorain Street, Room 204
Phone: (440) 775-6576

Claire T. Solomon

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies Office: Peters 303
Phone: (440) 775-6736

Ana Cara

Professor of Hispanic Studies Office: Peters 408
Phone: (440) 775-8660

Sebastiaan Faber

Professor of Hispanic Studies, Chair Office: Peters 404
Phone: (440) 775-8189

Hsiu-Chuang Deppman

Associate Professor of Chinese and Cinema Studies, Director of East Asian Studies Office: Peters Hall 314
Phone: (440) 775-5315

Benjamin (Ben) L. Lee

Associate Professor of Classics Office: King 124
Phone: (440) 775-8392

Elah (Libby) Murphy

Associate Professor of French, Chair

Heidi Thomann Tewarson

Professor Emerita of German

John Hobbs

Associate Professor Emeritus of English