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Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2003-04

Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2003-04

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Sue Helper ’79 (Case)Agglomeration Effects in Manufacturing".


Neil Ericsson (Federal Reserve Board of Governors) “"Can econometrics inform policymaking? The 'Lucas Critique' reconsidered".


George Hall ’89 (Yale) "Prices, Production and Inventories over the Automotive Model Year".


Paul Ruud (Berkeley) "Valuing Natural Resource Damage”.


W. Lee Hanson (Wisconsin) “"Promoting Diversity - By the Numbers".


Honors Students:

Isabel Call, “Small-Scale Biodiesel Production: A Feasibility Study”.


James Casteleiro, “On Potential Unemployment, Net Tuition and a Student’s Choice of Undergraduate Major”.


Leland Crane, “Price Perception and Residential Water Demand”.


Daniel Hatkoff, “Production Costs Structure and Commercial Success in the New Film Industry”.


Elaine Hill, “Does the Type of Legal Representation Affect Sentencing Outcomes?”.


Joo Kim, “Simple Regression Analyses: Effects of State Revenues on the Average – and the Dispersion of- Student Performances”.


Matt Seltzer, “The Effect of Wal-mart Entry on Small Towns’ Economies”.


Mami Suzuki, “Post Merger Performances in Japan”.




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