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Terri Pleska

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Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2009-10

Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2009-10

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Jeremy Atack (Vanderbilt University) "Did Railroads Induce or Follow Economic Growth?"

Eleanor Brown (Pomona) "Toward an Economics of Stewardship: Family Failure and the Theory of the Nonprofit Sector"

Sylvia Brandt ’92 (University of Massachusetts) "Valuation of Health for Public Policy"

Elena Irwin (Ohio State University) "Spatial Dynamic Models of Land Use Change"

George Kaufman ’54 (Loyola University, University of Chicago) "The Financial Turmoil of 2007-09: Sinners and Their Sins"

Christopher Metcalf (Federal Trade Commission) "Competition, Contracts, and Innovation"

Filippo Occhino (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) "

Sheila Tschinkel "Fiscal & Monetary Policy: Can We Keep Them Apart?"

Ellis Tallman (Oberlin College) "Banking & Financial Crises in U.S. History"

Stephen Wu (Hamilton College) "The Happiness Suicide Paradox"

Matthew Chesnes (Federal Trade Commission) "Asymmetric Pass Through in US Gasoline Markets." 

Larry Kotlikoff (Loyola) "Jimmy Stewart is Dead."

Honors Students:

Ahmad Zia Wahdat Afghan, “Microenterprises Performance under Consulting Services and Clustering: A Study of Egypt and Turkey”.


Katherine Lee Gluck, “What Drives American Federation of Musicians Membership?”.


Margot Hanley, “Impact of a Tuition Fee Policy in Scotland: Evidence from a Natural Experiment”.


Robyn Leslie, “When It Pays More to Earn Less”.


Mikayla Lytton, “Narrowing the Gap: New Evidence of Earnings Differentials Based on Sexual Orientation”.


Jack Lucas Tilley, “Can In-Prison Interventions Affect Post-Release Outcomes? Evidence from Correctional Education Programs Based on an Econometric Analysis of Recidivism”.


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