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Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2011-2012

Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2011-2012

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Dionissi Aliprantis (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)

“Community-Based Well Maintenance in Rural Haiti”


Christopher Hanes (SUNY, Binghamton)

“Harvests and Financial Crises in Gold-Standard America”


Robert A. Eisenbeis

“Limits on Federal Reserve Policies to Sustain the Liquidity of Secondary Markets”


Jill Hendrickson (Univ St. Thomas)

“Troubling Times for the Commercial Banker: Exploring the Recent Wave of Failures”


Amy Ando (Illinois)

“Optimal Portfolio Design to Reduce Climate Related Conservation Uncertainty”


Dakshina De Silva (Texas Tech)

"Entry, Growth, & Survival in the Green Industry"


Fabian Lange (Yale)

“The Essential Complementarity of the Quality & Quantity of Children”-and-“Duration Dependence and Labor Market Conditions”


Silvia Prina (Weatherhead, Case Western Reserve University)

“Do Simple Savings Accounts Help the Poor to Save: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Nepal”


Ranjit Dighe ‘87 (SUNY, Oswego)

“Business Week and the Coming of Keynesianism to America”


Gerhard Glomm (Indiana University)

“Growth Effects of Spatial Redistribution Policies”


M. Melinda Pitts (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)

“Restricted Driving and Risky Behavior among Adolescents: The Case of Graduated Driver Licensing”


Mark Skidmore (Michigan State)

“The Child Adoption Marketplace: Parental Preferences and Adoption”


Barbara J. Craig (Oberlin College)

“Debt, Default, and Economic Growth”


 Julie Smith (Lafayette College)

“Inflation Persistence Revised”


Janis Pappalardo (Federal Trade Commission)

“When Does Consumer Protection Regulation Actually Help People? The Role of Information Regulation in the Mortgage Market”


Economics Honors Students Snapshots of Theses:


Will Georges

“Title 1 Funding and Accountability Measures under No Child Left Behind”


Robert Kearney

“The Effects and Efficiencies of Combinatorial Auctions Used In Trucking Transportation Procurement”


Daniel Kolliner

“A Spatial and Time Series Analysis of Industry Densities Surrounding Major League Stadiums”


Juliette Lu

“The Effects of Teacher Incentives on Their Students’ Achievement and Implied Teacher Attrition: A Case Study of Kansas Elementary Schools”


Ian Martin

“The Effects of Cumulative Quasi-Monetary Sanctions and Endogenous Group Formation in a Public Goods Game”