Department Chair:
Ron Cheung

Administrative Assistant:
Terri Pleska

Department Email:

Phone: (440) 775-8483
Fax: (440) 775-6978

Rice Hall 233
10 N. Professor St.
Oberlin, OH, 44074



Career-related Links:

* Economics Career Network

Other External Links:

The Federal Reserve System

* Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
* Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
* Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
* Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
* Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
* Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
* Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
* Federal Reserve Bank of New York
* Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
* Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
* Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
* Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Financial News

* New York Times page
* The Financial Times
* The Economist
* The New York Stock Exchange
* Chicago Board of Trade
* Iowa electronic markets --- real money futures markets with payoffs that depend upon the outcome of economic and political events
* US and World Population Clock

US Government Websites

* Bureau of Economic Analysis
* Council of Economic Advisors
* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
* U.S. Census Bureau
* U.S. Department of Commerce
* U.S. Department of Labor
* U.S. Department of the Treasury
* The White House

International Economic/Financial Institutions

* The International Monetary Fund
* The OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
* The United Nations
* The World Bank
* World Economic Forum
* The World Trade Organization

Research Institutions

* The Brookings Institute
* The National Bureau of Economic Research
* National Economic Research Associates
* The National Science Foundation
* RAND - Economic Policy Think-Tank
* The Upjohn Institute - employment research
* The Urban Institute - nonpartisan economic and social policy research organization


The National Bureau of Economic Research
* RFE - Resources for Economists
* FedStats - statistics from 70+ federal agencies
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
* FRED - Federal Reserve Economic Data
* UCSD Social Science Data Collection
* Statistic Abstract of the U.S.
* PSID - Panel Study of Income Dynamics from the University of Michigan
* The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
* Geospatial & Statistical Data Center
* Detailed Exchange Rate Data from Olsen Associates
* Budget of the U.S. Government
* FAIRMODEL - large scale macroeconometric analysis from Yale University
* LMT-EXPO - Time-series Data