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Ellis Tallman

Ellis Tallman

Department Chair and Danforth-Lewis Professor of Economics

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Ellis Tallman

Ellis Tallman

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Rochester, 1988
  • Master of Arts, University of Rochester, 1985
  • Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University -- Bloomington, 1980

Ellis W. Tallman (Ph.D., Rochester, 1988), the Danforth-Lewis Professor of Economics at Oberlin College, has published scholarly articles in the fields of macroeconomics, economic forecasting, and historical episodes of financial crises. In his research on financial crises, Mr. Tallman has drawn attention to the the United States experience during the Panic of 1907, an event that motivated the creation of the Federal Reserve System. His macroeconomic research applies existing econometric techniques to address questions that have direct impact on monetary policy.

Among Mr. Tallman's recent publications, "Forecasting Using Relative Entropy" (co-authored with John C. Robertson and Charles I. Whiteman) Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2005) adapted relative entropy to incorporate information into statistical model forecasts that could not be merged otherwise. Other publications include: "Permanent Income and Transitory Variation in Investment and Output"(coauthored with Lance A. Fisher and Hyeon-seung Huh) Journal of Macroeconomics (2003), and "Improving Federal-Funds Rate Forecasts in VAR Models Used for Policy Analysis" (with John C. Robertson), Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, (2001), and"Clearinghouse Membership and Deposit Contraction During the Panic of 1907" (with Jon R. Moen), Journal of Economic History (March 2000), 60, 1, 145-63. His published articles also have appeared in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Monetary Economics, Economic Inquiry, and Explorations in Economic History.

Mr. Tallman teaches macroeconomics, financial intermediation, and economic and financial history. Prior to joining Oberlin College, Mr. Tallman was a Vice President and team leader for the Macro group in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and also served as an adjunct professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. From January 1996 to December 1997, Mr. Tallman was a visiting senior research economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia, where he engaged in policy support and economic research for the Australian central bank.


Curriculum Vitae 

Fall 2014

 Econ 351

 Macroeconomic Theory

 TR 9:30-10:50AM


 Econ 995-11

 Private Reading






Spring 2015 

 Econ 211

 Money, the Financial System &

 the Economy

 TR 9:30-10:45AM


 Econ 452

 Seminar on the US Financial Crises

 R 7:00 - 9:00 PM


 Econ 995-11

 Private Reading