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Alumni for
Women's Studies (WOST);
Gender and Women's Studies (GAWS);
and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (GSFS)

Abrahams, Bess '93
Complentary and alternative medicine therapies for pediatric populations with sickle cell anemia and cancer. Palliative care work (children and adults). Currently getting MSW (2016)

Braucher Kamosso, Anne '98
Two weeks after my 40th birthday in March, I had a baby girl, Aurora Skye. The experience of having a baby at Advanced Maternal Age was difficult, and I had to fight to not be induced on my due date when it wasn't medically necessary. That said, Aurora is fantastic, and I look forward to her Oberlin graduation in 2038! (2016)

Brown, Gabrielle Lyse '05
Gabrielle Lyse Brown is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the New York City Bar, where she leads the Association’s efforts to enhance diversity in the legal profession across a broad range of internal and external constituents, including law firms, corporate legal departments, nonprofit organizations and educators to foster diverse and inclusive work environments. This October, Gabrielle authored the City Bar's 2015 Diversity Benchmarking Report, which was featured in the New York Times and various other publications. A summary of the findings is available here:

Gabrielle is committed to diversity in the profession and is active in several like-minded organizations. She is a member of the Executive Board of Directors of Practicing Attorneys for Law Students, Inc. (PALS), the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession (IILP) Advisory Board, The Association for Legal Career Professionals (NALP), the Oberlin College Alumni Council, and is a 2014 Council of Urban Professionals (CUP) Fellow and member of the Alumni Board. She speaks regularly on developing diversity and inclusion initiatives, professional readiness, mentoring, and networking.

In her spare time, Gabrielle curates an e-newsletter to help people enjoy networking & small talk: Of Note (A Small Talk Cheat Sheet): (2016)

Possible Winter Term or Summer Internship with the NYC Bar Office for Diversity and Inclusion 

Campbell, Andy '04
Recently joined as Assistant Professor of Critical Studies at USC - Roski School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California. (2016)

Possible Internship: Research Assistant
In the next few years I'll be putting together a book on gay and lesbian leather communities in the 1970s and contemporary artists who mine this period to formulate a queer politics of the present. I anticipate needing assistance with rights/permissions clearance and some archival research / fact-checking at the ONE Archives.This would ideally be a one-month Summer research assistantship (for both '17 and '18) and would include a stipend for housing. Email: (2016)

Chase, Sarah '10
I took over my family's dairy farm and I am converting it to organic and 100% grass fed production. My brother makes cheeses from the milk my cows produce. We also have events where people can come meet the cows and eat farmstead meals while listening to live music. (2016) 

Diallo (Bah), Assiatou '08
Currently working as an epidemiologist at the Tennessee Department of Health (2016)

Donover (Corsover), Sandra '88
I have been a full-time Certified Nurse Midwife since 1997. I am currently working for Penn Medicine at Penn OB/Gyn and Midwifery Care. My first daughter just graduated from Oberlin '16 with a major in Psychology. My second daughter will be a sophomore in high school. I've been married to my Obie guy, Scott O'donnol Donover '87, for the past 26 years. (2016)

Foshay, Elena '98
Served in the Peace Corps in Paraguay 2002-2005, went to graduate school at University of California Berkeley 2005-2008 and earned an MSW and MA in International Area Studies, worked on green jobs and clean energy policy with two different organizations from 2007-2010, managed green job training program serving low-income adults with barriers to employment at Rising Sun Energy Center in Berkeley from 2010-2016, recently moved to Saint Paul, MN and am currently working as Community Energy Program Manager at the Center for Energy and Environment. (2016)

Green, Sara '08
Since graduating from Oberlin, I've moved into drug development. I focus on the clinical development and commercialization of precision medicines for people with rare and life threatening diseases. Currently, I'm working to bring a leukemia drug to patients in Asia and Latin America. (2016)

James, Christina '10
Shortly after graduating, I taught English through the Fulbright Program in Gorontalo, Indonesia from 2010-2011. After working at a small NGO helping street children get access to job training and education in Lombok, Indonesia, I relocated to a small NGO in India (Jagori Grameen) as an Oberlin Shansi Fellow from 2012-2014 helping women get access to legal aid and health care. In May 2016, I graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service with a Master of Science in Foreign Service and am a Presidential Management Fellowship finalist. I live in DC and am always looking to reconnect with other Obies! (2016)

Keenan-Bolger, Maggie '06
Since graduating from Oberlin I've founded a theatre company called Honest Accomplice Theatre which produces devised pieces of theatre about issues often seen as secretive or shameful or portrayed as one-dimensional. The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged, a piece about female and trans sexuality has been touring to colleges along the east coast. We are currently working on a Trans Literacy video series as well as a new devised theatre piece called ReconFIGUREd about the body. (2016)

Possible Winter Term (January) and Summer internship: Our company is always looking for engaged, interested people to help us with running a theatre company as well as putting up shows and events. Email at (2016).

Lee, Olimpia '10
Olimpia Lee is a bilingual full-spectrum maternal health professional. She is certified through the Centering Healthcare Institute, the Nosara Yoga Institute, BLOOMA, and The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options and Resources (TOLABOR) as a group facilitator, interdisciplinary yoga instructor specializing in perinatal and therapeutic practices, reproductive options counselor, childbirth educator, and birth doula, or labor assistant. For over eight years, she has worked with schools, non-profit organizations, yoga studios, wellness centers, health clinics and hospitals, granting her a comprehensive and holistic perspective of the field. She currently oversees the Centering Pregnancy program at Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Health in Washington, DC.

After undergoing cancer treatment in 2013, Olimpia became a model and representative for the Prevent Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of issues that affect young adult cancer survivors. She has been featured in Birth Options Alliance, Birth Institute, Women’s Information Network, and StupidCancer. She is dedicated to increasing access to quality integrative health care and education to underserved communities. (2016)

Possible winter term project: Assisting with Centering Pregnancy program for Latina patients at Federally Qualified Health Center in Washington DC. Email me at 

Levine-Sauerhoff, Tessa '05
Moved to Seattle on a whim 10 years ago, and never left. Completed an MBA in Sustainable Business, and currently work at a creative agency where I lead our Social Impact practice, working with large companies on their sustainability and CSR efforts.

Lewis-Zavala, Arielle '13
After taking crisis calls at the National Domestic Violence Hotline for a few years, I'm now a manager there, supervising a team of amazing advocates who support survivors and their loved ones from across the country. In my spare time, I volunteer with local immigration rights groups. The groups I work with fight to end family detention of immigrant mom's and children, and have also been working to end the collaboration between ICE and local law enforcement (la polimigra) that puts the immigrant community at risk of deportation. Through the Austin Sanctuary Network, I've been honored to be part of the first Sanctuary campaigns in Central Texas (where immigrants seek sanctuary from ICE by living in a church while they're deportation case is fought), including the first Sanctuary campaign in the nation to stop the deportation of a queer woman. (2016)

Litfin, Marne '07
I received my Master of Gender Studies from the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany in 2015, having specialized in Gender and Globalization. I work as a content manager at a small software company. (2016)

Possible winter term (January 2016) internship: Happy to offer a couch and any guidance for Obies looking to spend winter term in Berlin/Europe. Email: if interested.

Madris, Rachel '09
Rachel Madris has been teaching for 8 years, and recently completed a degree in Educational Leadership at Teacher's College, Columbia University. She is currently working as a teacher and instructional guide at a NYC Outward Bound School. She is hoping to start her own school in the future. This summer, she married her partner Josh Spiro, also an Oberlin graduate. (2016)

Possible Winter Term (January 2016) internship: Working with students in a diverse, progressive, urban high school in Brooklyn NY. Email if interested.

Mann, Larisa '96
I recently accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Emergent Media at Temple University's Department of Media Studies & Production. This suits me well, as they support my research on how marginalized communities carve out spaces of autonomy for culture-making, I also like teaching in urban public universities, and the nature of the department allows me to continue and incorporate my creative practice as a DJ (aka DJ Ripley) and ongoing experience as an event organizer, which I have been doing since about 1995. I'm coming up on a 1-year anniversary of a monthly event called HEAVY that I co-founded with a like-minded artist that is a platform for multigenre explorations of big bass sounds featuring up and coming artists from across many spectrums of identity and experience, and I continue to perform and organize events in the Northeast and far beyond. (2016) 

Munkres, Susan '90
After stints in California, Wisconsin and South Carolina, I now live in Burlington VT where I direct the Community-University Partnerships Office at UVM, the state land-grant and research university. Bridging academia and community work is incredibly satisfying and requires the kind of attention to power, privilege and multiple perspectives that was so central to both the WGS (at the time) major and Oberlin itself. (2016)

Schiff, Lauren '04
I graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NYC in 2008 and completed by residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Boston Medical Center of Boston University. I completed subspecialty training in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and currently am an Assistant Professor of Obstetric and Gynecology in the division of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I specialize in fibroid, endometriosis, and pelvic pain care.

Possible Internship: Shadowing/observing in a clinical and operative setting focused on Women's Health Care. Maximum time 2 weeks. Email me at (2016)

Scott, Emily '94
Analyst at UCSF (2016)

Seligman, Eva '06
Teaching at CITYterm at the Masters School