Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Department Chair:
Carol Lasser

Administrative Assistant:
Linda Pardee

Department Email:

Phone: (440) 775-8907
Fax: (440) 775-6698

Rice Hall 117
10 N. Professor St.
Oberlin, OH, 44074

About the Faculty

About the Faculty

The Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (GSFS) major provides extensive methodological and theoretical training in scholarship central to the study of gender, sexualities, and feminisms. The major is administered by the GSFS Institute, comprised of a director and affiliate faculty from throughout the College of Arts and Sciences and from the Conservatory of Music. The institute’s goal is to facilitate interdisciplinary teaching and research focused on women, gender, sexuality, and feminisms across the disciplines.




Carol Lasser, GSFS Director, Professor of History

Administrative Assistant:

Linda Pardee, GSFS, Rhetoric & Composition, Writing Associates Program, CAST

GSFS Advisors (2015-2016):

Ann Cooper Albright, Professor, Theatre and Dance
Pamela Brooks, Assoc. Professor, Africana Studies
Harry Hirsch, Professor, Politics
Margaret Kamitsuka, Assoc. Professor, Religion
Greggor Mattson, Assoc. Professor, Sociology (Sem. II)
Patrick O'Connor, Assoc. Professor, Hispanic Studies
Ellen Wurtzel, Asst. Prof., History 

Affiliate Faculty (2015-2016):

GSFS Affiliate Procedures, Rights, and Responsibilities

Ann Cooper Albright, Professor, Theatre and Dance
Richard Baldoz, Assoc. Professor, Sociology and Comparative American Studies
Laura Baudot, Asst. Professor, English
Crystal Biruk, Asst. Professor, Anthropology
Tina Botts, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Pamela Brooks, Jane and Eric Nord Assoc. Professor, Africana Studies
Ana Cara, Professor, Hispanic Studies
Cynthia Chapman, Professor, Religion
Hsui Chuang Deppman, Assoc. Professor, East Asian Studies
Eric Estes, Dean of Students
Meredith Gadsby, Assoc. Professor, Africana Studies
Evangeline Heiliger, Visiting Asst. Professor, Comparative American Studies
Harry Hirsch, Professor, Politics
Wendy Hyman, Assoc. Professor, English
Caroline Jackson-Smith, Professor, Africana Studies
Daphne John, Assoc. Professor, Sociology
Gillian Johns, Assoc. Professor, English and Africana Studies
Margaret Kamitsuka, Davis Assoc. Professor, Religion
Wendy Kozol, Professor, Comparative American Studies
Sonia Kruks, Robert S. Danforth Professor, Politics
Shelley Lee, Assoc.. Professor, Comparative American Studies
Greggor Mattson, Assoc. Professor, Sociology
Claudia Mcdonald, Professor, Musicology, Conservatory of Music
Rostom Mesli, OKUM Post Doctoral Fellow and Visiting Asst Professor, GSFS
Kathryn Miller, Visiting Asst Professor, Politics
Pablo Mitchell, Professor, History and Comparative American Studies; Assoc. Dean
Anuradha Needham, Donald R. Longman Professor of English
Christina Neilson, Asst. Professor, Art History
Tamika Nunley, Asst. Professor, History
Patrick O'Connor, Assoc. Professor, Hispanic Studies
Afia Ofori-Mensa, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
Kirk Ormand, Professor, Classics
Gina Perez, Professor, Comparative American Studies
Bogdan Popa, Visiting Asst. Professor, Politics
Meredith Raimondo, Assoc. Professor, Comparative American Studies; Assoc. Dean
Renee Romano, Assoc. Professor, History  
Annemarie Sammartino, Assoc. Professor, History
Ann Sherif, Professor, East Asian Studies
Danielle Skeehan, Assistant Professor, English
Harrod Suarez, Assoc. Professor, English
Natasha Tessone, Assoc. Professor, English
Rebecca Whelan, Assoc. Professor, Chemistry
Ellen Wurtzel, Asst. Professor, History

GSFS Committee Members (2015-2016):


Harry Hirsch and Margaret Kamitsuka


Ann Cooper Albright and Ellen Wurtzel


Carol Lasser and Pam Brooks


Patrick O’Connor and Carol Lasser (Sem. I) /Greggor Mattson (Sem. II)