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Phyllis Jones Award - Spring 2010

Phyllis Jones Award - Spring 2010

This years recipient was:

Maxwell Wolcott

Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies & History Major

Project Title: Violence and Representations of Masculinity in Palestinian and Israeli Cinema

Project Description: In this paper, I investigate the construction and deployment of representations of Palestinian and Israeli masculinities in contemporary Palestinian and Israeli cinema.  To do so, I employ postcolonial and feminist frameworks to discuss three films: Waltz with Bashir, The Bubble, and Paradise Now.  By analyzing the ways in which masculinity is represented within a field where violence is endemic, the project attempts to generate a reading that speaks to and about how the selected films negotiate between both hegemonic and subversive masculinities, as well as to place the films within the larger political and social problematics of the conflict.  My conclusions point to the political and ethical implications of Israeli cinema’s attempts to represent Palestinian, and other Arab, masculine subject formations; as well as the potential for Palestinian cinema to shift the discursive terrain of the conflict, and offer complex, nuanced counter articulations of both Palestinian masculinity and society.