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Phyllis Jones Award - Spring '03

Phyllis Jones Award - Spring '03

The Spring 2003 recipients are as follows:

  1. Lili Glauber

    Project Title: Voice and Empowerment: Creative Writing with Incarcerated Women

    Project Description: The criminal justice system in the United States represents a convergence of systematic injustice, where dehumanizing punishment is often placed above rehabilitation and personal empowerment. As a volunteer for Women's Re-entry Resource Network, a mental health and social services agency which provides aid to incarcerated women and ex offenders, Lili Glauber has designed and facilitated a weekly creative writing group for women incarcerated at the county jail in Cleveland. The group emphasizes creative expression, art, and poetic agency as fundamental sources of personal power and healing in the midst of incarceration. Last May the writers group published a compilation of their written work entitled Out of the Blues, and Lili is currently working with the writers toward their next publication.
  2. Ry Russo-Young

    Project Title: "A Middle Ground"

    Project Description: In the process of literary adaptation and academic study, a 17th century oral folktale of violence, rape and cannibalism has become a bedtime story for children. Writer and actress Ry Russo-Young adapted "Little Red Riding Hood" for her mixed media show, "A Middle Ground." Performed at Oberlin College in Fisher Hall, March 2002, the hour-twenty- minute long piece reveals Ry's family history out of sequence and how that history has affected her present notions of romantic love. In the one- woman- show, Ry casts people from her childhood as characters in her own documentary version of "Little Red Riding Hood." Composed primarily of monologues, audience participation, video and live music "A Middle Ground" documents a life history and blends it with a folktale.