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Phyllis Jones Award - Spring '04

Phyllis Jones Award - Spring '04

The Spring 2004 recipients are as follows:

  1. Rachael Gardiner

    Project Title: "What is a Woman? Examining Femininity, Body Image and Self-Identity in Breast Cancer Survivors"

    Project Description: The research examined breast cancer survivors who had undergone the surgical mastectomy or lumpectomy procedure as an entry point to explore issues surrounding women’s femininity, body image, and self-identity within Jamaican culture. Breast cancer was used as the specific site of investigation to theorize the connection between the physical disfigurement of the breast and the societal and cultural control historically placed on women’s bodies in Jamaica.
  2. Nava Etshalom

    Project Title: "Places to Put Your Body "

    Project Description: Places to Put Your Body is a collection of poems written by Nava EtShalom over the past three years in pursuit of an Independent Major in Creative Writing for Social Change. This manuscript is concerned with embodied experience of place, of violence, of war, and with a persistently complicated solidarity. In this work, language is explored as a mechanism that connects "private" experience to structures of resistance and power: for example, US military aid to Israel is related to the access women in Palestine have to medical care, which affects and reflects lanugage used in the United States about gender, access to health care, family structures, sexuality, race, religion and terror. Poetry can intervene in, can expand and reimagine, these vocabularies. Inspiration for this work of pushing the boundaries of poetic language and public life comes from Audre Lorde, June Jordan, Grace Paley, Mahmoud Darwish, Aharon Shabtai, Gloria Anzaldua, and a hope-giving host of others.