Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
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Greggor Mattson

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David Divins

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Spring 2009

Spring 2009

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Gateway Courses

At least one gateway course is required for the major or minor.
  • CAST 100 - Introduction to Comparative American Studies  (M. Raimondo)
  • CAST 211 - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Identities (M. Raimondo)
  • HIST/JWST 237 - Women in Jewish Society, Antiquity to Modernity (S. Magnus)
  • RHET 104 - Writing about a Topic: Queering the Reel (J. Cooper)
  • SOCI 238 - Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East and North Africa (F. Hasso)

Elective Courses

Of the approximately 18 elective course credits, students must take courses in at least two different departments or programs.
  • AAST 220 - Doin' Time: A History of Black Incarceration (P. Broooks)
  • AAST 225 - Women in Caribbean History (G. Gill)
  • CAST/HIST 246 - American Orientalism (S. Lee)
  • CAST 311 - Militarization of American Daily Life (G. Perez)
  • CAST/HIST 342 - Race, Gender & Am Soc Movement (S. Lee)
  • EAST 109 - Topics in Chinese Film (H. Deppman)
  • EAST 245 - Avant Garde: Japan Film, Literature (A. Sherif)
  • ENGL 261 - Constructing the Subject: African American Women and the Autotext (G. Johns)
  • ENGL 338 - Modern Fiction and Sexual Difference (D. Walker)
  • ENGL 344 - Power Eroticized: Five Dramatists (P. Mustamaki)
  • ENGL 347 - Contemporary Women of Color Dramatists (P. Mustamaki)
  • ETHN 210 - Music and the Politics of Identity (J. Fraser)
  • GERM/JWST 321 - German Jewish Women Writers: Between Traditions, Disciplines and Genres (H. Tewarson)
  • HIST 265 - American Sexualities (P. Mitchell)
  • HIST 327 - Borderlands (P. Mitchell)
  • JWST/HIST 307 - Seminar: Jewish Memoirs & Memory: Writing the Self in Jewish Society (S. Magnus)
  • LOND 932 - The Place of "Islam" in British Discourses of Multiculturalism and Immigrant Identity (A. Needham)
  • POLT 206 - The Politics of Sexual Minority Communities (H. Hirsch)
  • RELG 283 - Native American Religious Experience (A. Tarango)
  • RELG 304 - History and Literature of the Ancient Near East (C. Chapman)
  • SOCI 215 - Contemporary Asian American Experience (P. Dhingra)

Advanced Seminars

At least one advanced seminar is required for the major.  Students can petition to have a seminar count for this requirement that is not on this list.
  • GSFS 400 - Advanced Seminar
  • RELG 366 - Seminar: Feminist Interpretations of Evil (M. Kamitsuka)
  • SOCI 406 - Seminar: Gender and the State in the Middle East and North Africa (F. Hasso)