Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
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Greggor Mattson

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David Divins

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GSFS Syllabi - Spring 2016

GSFS Syllabi - Spring 2016

Online Syllabi:

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Syllabi are all in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


GSFS/CAST 100 - Introduction to Comparative American Studies (S. Lee)
GSFS/CAST 201 - Latinas/os Comparative Perspective (G. Perez)
GSFS 210 - Studies of Sexuality (R. Mesli)
GSFS 231 - Second Wave of Feminism (C. Lasser)
GSFS/CAST 235 - Debating Citizenships (W. Kozol)
GSFS/HIST 260 - Asian American History (S. Lee)
GSFS/RELG 261 - Gender Theory & Study of Religion (M. Kamitsuka)
GSFS/AAST 321 - Black Feminist Thought (P. Brooks)
GSFS 339 / SOCI 338 - Prostitution and Social Control: Governing Loose Women (G. Mattson)