Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
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Greggor Mattson

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David Divins

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GSFS Syllabi - Fall 2016

GSFS Syllabi - Fall 2016

Online Syllabi:

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FALL 2016

Gateway Courses

GSFS courses designated as “gateway” are also “electives.”

GSFS/CAST 100 - Introduction to Comparative American Studies (W. Kozol)
GSFS 101 - Introduction to Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (C. Barcelos)
GSFS/SOCI 203 - Desire to be Modern: Sociology of Sexuality (G. Mattson)
GSFS 216 - Gender and Publilc Health: Feminist Approaches to Theory and Practice (C. Barcelos)

Capstone Courses

GSFS courses designated as “capstone” are also “electives.”

GSFS/RELG 367 - Theologies of Abortion (M. Kamitsuka)

Feminist Research Methodologies

Feminist Research Methodologies also counts as an elective course.

GSFS 305. Feminist Research Methodologies (K. Miller)

Elective Courses

GSFS/RELG 108 - Introduction to Religion: Women and the Western Traditions (M. Kamitsuka)