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Tutorials and Training

Tutorials and Training

Need to learn ArcGIS?

You can either (a) take a instructor-led course or (b) learn on your own through web-courses and tutorial books.

For option a:

1. Check out the next GIS course offered at Oberlin or find a course through your local college or university

2. Pay >$1000 to ESRI and take one of their instructor-led courses


For option b:

1. Online web-based ESRI courses. They range in price from FREE to ~$200.  Search all ESRI courses.

2. Find a tutorial book and work your way through ArcGIS. Look on OhioLink for books to borrow. The Geology Department currently owns the following GIS tutorial books: Gorr and Kurland's GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook (c. 2011), Ormsby et al's Getting to know ArcGIS Desktop (c. 2010), and Price's Mastering ArcGIS (c. 2010).

3. Find a university instructor who publishes their labs online. Complete at your leisure. Some instructors have shared their labs online, however, you they will frequently ask your to go find your own data (e.g. Barb Tewksbury).

4. If you used Arc before and need to pick up a few specific tips, search YouTube for videos (e.g. this one on using raster imagery or this one on using Landsat data).


Esri also has a guide to selecting which method of training would be best for you