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Renee Romano

Administrative Assistant:
Kathy King

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Phone: 440 775 8520
Fax: 440 775 6910

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Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00-12:00, 1:00-4:30



For more information about courses in the History Department for 2016-2017, refer to the listing in the course catalog.

Currently Taught Courses that Fulfill the Premodern Requirement

Department of History

Oberlin College

UPDATED 2/10/2017



FYSP 71: Pirates and Piracy in Times Past

FYSP 089: Heretics and Infidels and the Legacy of the Middle Ages

FYSP 173: French Revolution



Classics 103: History of Greece

Classics 104: History of Rome

History 101: Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern European History

History 103: American History to 1877

History 105/ East Asian Studies 121: Chinese Civilization-I

History 107: Russian History-I

History 109: Latin America: Conquest & Colonization

History 115: African Civilizations to 1800

History 121: Middle Eastern History from Rise of Islam to 1800

History 159/East Asian Studies 131: Japan from Earliest Times to 1868

History 162: Cultures and Peoples of Ancient India

History 180: Global Environmental History



Africana Studies 201: African American History to 1865

Africana Studies 206: History of the Caribbean

Classics 208: Wild and Crazy Emperors

History 206: Medieval Social Dissent

History 207: Byzantine History

History 208: Of Miracles/Microscopes

History 209: The City in Europe, 1100-1700

History 275: Slavery in Latin America

JWST 281: Jewish Communities of the Ottoman Empire

History 284: Tokyo, 1600-2000

History 285: American Indians, Pre-Columbus to the Present



History 303: Property and Possession in Medieval Europe

History 325: Medieval Historical Methods

History 355: Crusades



History 456:  In The Name of Allah: Islam and Politics in MENA

History 456: The Politics of Gender in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

History 460: Crusade Historiography

History 464: History of Vietnam

History 472: Colloquium: Early Modern Atlantic World