Law and Society
Department Chair:
Ronald Kahn

Phone: (440) 775-8495

Rice Hall, Room 216

Oberlin, OH, 44074

Joyce Babyak

Joyce Babyak

Dean of Studies

Contact Information


Peters Hall 205
(440) 775-8540

Joyce Babyak

Joyce Babyak

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, College Holy Cross
  • Master of Arts, Yale University
  • Master of Philosophy, Yale University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Yale University

Selected Publications

  • "Finite, Contingent, and Free: A New Ethic of Acceptance." Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2003
  • "The Contingency of Solidarity: A Pragmatic Critique of Richard Rorty's Philosophy" in Horizons, 28, 1 (Spring 2001).
  • "Seeing through the Fog: Love and Injustice in Bleak House," Journal of Religious Ethics, 31, 1 (Spring 2003)