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Robert (Bob) Bosch

Robert (Bob) Bosch


Bob Bosch, Biggs Professor of Natural Science

Contact Information


King Building 205 A
Personal Office Hours:
Call cell phone to schedule: (440) 935-6090

Robert Bosch

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, Oberlin College, 1985
  • Master of Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1987
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Yale University, 1991


Spring 2017 Courses

Statistics 113-01 Introduction to Statistics
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00-10:50 p.m.

Statistics 113-02 Introduction to Statistics
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 11:00-11:50 p.m.

Spring 2017 Office Hours

King 205A

  • To come

Current Reseach Interest: Opt Art

Currently I am interested in using optimization to create pictures, portraits, and other works of art. See my TSP Art and Domino Artwork pages for examples.

Selected Publications

  • "Opt Art", Math Horizons 14(3) (2006) 6-9.
  • "TSP Art" (with C.S. Kaplan), Proceedings of Bridges 2005 (2005) 303-310. See Craig Kaplan's marvelous TSP Art web page!
  • "Pointillism via Linear Programming" (with A. Herman), The UMAP Journal 26(4) (2005) 393-400.
  • "Continuous Line Drawings via the Traveling Salesman Problem" (with A. Herman), Operations Research Letters 32 (2004) 302-303.
  • "Constructing Domino Portraits" in Tribute to a Mathemagician, ed. B. Cipra et al., A.K. Peters, 2004, 251-256.
  • "Constraint Programming and Hybrid Formulations for Three Life Designs" (with M. Trick), Annals of Operations Research 130 (2004) 41-56.
  • "Maximizing Fun at an Amusement Park" (with M. Cardiff and G. Hughes), The UMAP Journal 21(4), 483-498, (2000).
  • "Finding Optimal Piano Fingerings" (with M. Hart and E. Tsai), The UMAP Journal 21(2) (2000) 167-177.
  • "Optimal Card-Collecting Strategies for Magic: The Gathering", The College Mathematics Journal 31(1) (2000) 15-21.
  • "Integer Programming and Conway's Game of Life", SIAM Review 41(3) (1999) 596-604.
  • "Separating Hyperplanes and the Authorship of the Disputed Federalist Papers" (with J.A. Smith), The American Mathematical Monthly 105(7) (1998) 601-608.
  • Refinements of Paltiel and Kaplan's Decision-theoretic Model of AIDS Clinical Trials" (with N.K. Stout), Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 31(2) (1997) 87-101.
  • "The Battle of the Burger Chains: Which is Best---Burger King, McDonald's, or Wendy's?", Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 30(3) (1996) 157-162.
  • "A New Infinity-Norm Path Following Algorithm for Linear Programming" (with K.M. Anstreicher), SIAM Journal on Optimization 5 (2) (1995) 236-246.
  • "Big Mac Attack: The Diet Problem Revisited at McDonald's", OR/MS Today August (1993) 30-31.
  • "Long Steps in an O(n3L) Algorithm for Linear Programming" (with K.M. Anstreicher), Mathematical Programming 54 (1992) 251-265.

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