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Yumi Ijiri

Administrative Assistant:
Diane Doman

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Phone: (440) 775-8330
Fax: (440) 775-6379

Wright Laboratory of Physics
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Oberlin, OH, 44074

Alumni White Pages

Alumni White Pages

This directory contains known email addresses for all physics majors since 1960 and links to alumni/ae webpages.  It is far from complete, but it's being added to on a regular basis.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of anyone on this list whose address is not listed or is out of date, or if you would like to contribute a webpage address please contact the webmaster.

OC Physics and Astronomy alumni/ae who would like to subscribe to the alumni mailing list can do so by sending the message "subscribe physics_alumni [your email address] to, or by emailing the listowner.

   Class of 2014
    Mattias DeDoes unknown
Elizabeth W. Garbee unknown
Kathryn R. Hasz unknown
Noah T. Jones unknown
Benjamin K. Lemberger unknown
Zachary R. Mark unknown
David S. Morris unknown
Jocienne N. Nelson unknown
Chetan Poudel unknown
    Joseph W. Beck unknown
Samuel B. Berney unknown
Ma'ayan P. Dagan unknown
Elizabeth A. Gilmour unknown
Mikaela G. Larkin unknown
Kirsten J. Liebl unknown
Johnathan M. Nelson unknown
Michael E. Rowan unknown
Harry Rubin-Falcone unknown
Edward Russell unknown
    Benjamin D. Altheimer unknown
Hassaan Anis unknown
Jacob H. Baron unknown
Sophia L. Chen unknown
Liv R. Dedon unknown
Bivu R. Dhungana unknown
Jordan J. Dreier unknown
Joseph K. Galamba unknown
Christopher W. Haddad unknown
Vladimir L. Ilic unknown
Soon Ho Kim unknown
Will S. Kunert unknown
Derek G. Lange unknown
Daniel F. Ljungberg unknown
Conrad A. Luecke unknown
Daniel J. McCormick unknown
Noah A. Morris unknown
Christopher J. Pierce unknown
Alexander S. Quinlan unknown
Thomas R. Shaw unknown
Alexander G. Spatzier unknown
Kirill O. Tchernyshyov unknown
Lesley R. Whitaker unknown
Kee Hwan Yi unknown
    Jose Z. Almaguer unknown
Robert J. Bond unknown
Paul H. Denison unknown
Joshua J. Gallagher unknown
Suman Giri unknown
Vladimir M. Ilic unknown
John A. Kamitsuka unknown
Aaron D. Klaus unknown
Shira A. Korn unknown
James D. Rees unknown
Jacob S. Schalch unknown
Jennifer M. Schloss unknown
Leanne C. Sherry unknown
Jeffrey B. Wedgeworth unknown
Jaie C. Woodard unknown
Rachel E. Brooks unknown
Michael J.Brooks unknown
Nathan J. Brown unknown
Michael S. Friedman unknown
Jordan E. Gottdank unknown
Daniel S. Grosser unknown
Sydney A. Harris unknown
Arlo J. Herrine unknown
Sarah K. Hoffman unknown
Samuel G. Horwitz unknown
David H. Lesser unknown
Daniel J. McCormick unknown
Zwoisaint B. Mears-Clarke unknown
Theodore B. Reuter unknown
Trevor B. Rhoads unknown
William D. Striegl unknown
Alex G. Totoiu unknown
Benjamin C. Williams unknown
Sean B. Bernfeld unknown
    Benjamin M. Breslauer unknown
    Brian S. Burkholder unknown
    Catherine S. Conlon unknown
    Jesse B. Hopkins unknown
    Matthew F. Miller unknown
    Colin A. Raffel unknown
    Everett A. Schlawin unknown
    Keith A. Spencer unknown
    Kyle A. Taljan unknown
    Mark F. Tempesta unknown
    Peter Zhang unknown
    Jonathan G. Bernauer jbernaue at
    Clara E. Brasseur unknown
    Alexander J. Darr unknown
    Wallace E. Easter unknown
    Courtney R. Epstein unknown
    Noah Forman unknown
    Hyunjoon Kim unknown
    Patrick E. Landreman unknown
    John D. Matters unknown
    Edwin E. Roland unknown
    Margaret A. Youngberg unknown
    Kelty A. Allen unknown
    James C. Atwood unknown
    Richard F. Betzel unknown
    Michael J. Brown unknown
    Paul G. Drake unknown
    Wendeline B. Everett unknown
    Daniel A. Hemberger unknown
    Gregory A. Howland unknown
    Roger D. Ledgister unknown
    Kerry A. Neal unknown
    Samuel S. Vanderpol unknown
    Seth R. Anderson unknown
    Lisa Berman unknown
    Susannah M. Burrows unknown
    Hugh O. Churchill unknown
    Emily G. Helton unknown
    Melodie E. French unknown
    Michelle K. Hickner mhickner at
    Diana M. Leitner unknown
    Stephen W. Lind unknown
    Margaret L. Putney unknown
    Maxwell L. Rudolph unknown
    Mark H. Stockett unknown
    Yorgos E. Strangas unknown
    Benjamin N. Sulman bsulman at
    James C. Wingert unknown
    Robert J. Yatteau unknown
    Curtis T. Asplund entropicalparadise at
    Charles A. Baker unknown
    Daniel Berwick unknown
    Casey J. Dreier unknown
    Michael D. Herbst mherbst at
    Natalie R. Hinkel natalie.hinkel at
    Miriam M. Ignatoff unknown
    Jonathan A. Klein unknown
    Phillip M. Korngut unknown
    Yuya Matsumara unknown
    Nikesh Prajapati unknown
    Prithvi T. Reddy unknown
    Karles A. Saucedo-McQuade karles.mcquade at
    Christie B. Simmons unknown
    Benjamin D. Stanley unknown
    Ahsan A. Tanveer Ahsan.tanveer at / ahsan.a.tanveer at
    Katherine J. Thomas unknown
    Burton A. Betchart bbetchar at
    Aaron W. Brown unknown
    Anna M. Clausen unknown
    Karl E. Duderstadt unknown
    Rym Hannachi unknown
    Alexander S. Hill unknown
    Andrew W. Magrath unknown
    Jennifer E. Ni unknown
    Joshua G. Olson jgolson at
    Ilana Percher percher at
    Benjamin W. Shirley-Quirk unknown
    Thomas E. Taylor ttaylor at
    Colin Thomas-Arnold unknown
    Mindy V. Blakney unknown
    Raymond E. Buckman unknown
    Matthew S. Fairbanks unknown
    Douglas M. Gerlach unknown
    David W. Kaufman david.kaufman at
    Christopher V. Kelly christopher.kelly at
    Benjamin J. Montgomery unknown
    Jonathan S. Needleman unknown
    Henrietta E. Onumah unknown
    Jerome A. Padilla Jerome_Anisco at
    Collin E. Powell unknown
    Daniel F. Reeves unknown
    Benjamin R. Rubin unknown
    Aaron B. Webber unknown
    Brody O. Wilson unknown
    Genevieve Baudoin unknown
    Ruby Baxter unknown
    Joaquin Espinoza Goodman unknown
    Scott Forth unknown
    Mariko Frame unknown
    Jeremy Gaumer gaumer at
    Joseph Kremer unknown
    Kwasi Kwakwa unknown
    Celestine Mercer unknown
    Marie Rinkoski unknown
    Timothy Wotherspoon unknown
    Miranda S. Balkin unknown
    Kathryn M. Becker unknown
    Matthew R. Burns unknown
    Nicholas J. Dent unknown
    Christopher E. Dudley unknown
    Mark A. Kramer unknown
    Gamaliel N. Lodge unknown
    David C. Oertel unknown
    Nnenna E. Onumah unknown
    Leonard H. Park unknown
    Timothy B. Roark unknown
    James N. Roberts unknown
    David M. Sachs unknown
    Clait T. Smith unknown
    Victor K. Wong unknown
    Sarah J. Clemmens unknown
    Jennifer A. Cutler unknown
    Kofi M. Deh unknown
    Jennifer K. Raymond unknown
    James L. Sheckard unknown
    James G. Truslow unknown
    Jameson F. Edwards unknown
    Alexander G. Johnston unknown
    Melvin S. Rader unknown
    Matthew G. Schick unknown
    Nathan C. Shaner unknown
    Kristof D. Troemel unknown
    Haakon A. Faste haakon_faste at
    Karen T. Hole unknown
    Scott S. Sheppard unknown
    Harsha Thirumurthy unknown
    Joshua V. Weiner unknown
    James A. Woodroffe jim at
    Laura Barrientos unknown
    Samuel P. Burns unknown
    Bryce B. Denney unknown
    Christopher G. Figge cfigge at
    Joel L. Hamburger unknown
    Joshua C. Kempner josh at
    Kuat Pin Hee unknown
    Timothy G. Learmonth ptimmo at
    Naomi M. McClure-Griffiths Naomi.McClure-Griffiths at
    Vayram A. Nyadroh unknown
    Ross A. Patty ross at
    Samir Succar ssuccar at
    Devin T. Theriot-Orr sunbird at
    Curtis A. Deutsch unknown
    Brendan D. Field Brendan.Field at
    Alexander M. Freeman unknown
    Michael A. Giles mgiles at
    Kristin J. Harlow unknown
    Mark A. Litwin unknown
    Eric D. Miller emiller at
    Edward B. Myers emyers at
    Paul M. Voyles pvoyles at
    Alexander Astaras Alexander.Astaras at
    Laura A. Francavilla francavi at
    Jennifer R. Hampton jrh16 at
    Hayden M. Harker unknown
    Jennifer S. Hovis hovis at
    Kevin J. Kriescher unknown
    Ashok Muthukrishnan amuthuk at
    Karl J. Otterson karl.otterson at
    James D. Wilcox unknown
    Hisham Zerriffi hisham at
    Daniel A. Butts dbutts at
    Christine L. Carpenter ccarpenter at
    Michael D. Faison mfaison at
    Eric J. Freeman unknown
    Jurgen L. Holleck unknown
    Tina M. Jayaweera tmj3 at
    Seth T. Johnson Seth.Johnson at
    Chico J. Sajovic chico at
    Marcus J. Schneider unknown
    Jay F. Whitacre jwhitacr at
    Rohan N. Alahakone unknown
    Brian O. Bennett bbennett at
    Nicholas P. Borland nborland at
    James T. Chapman unknown
    Gary N. Felder unknown
    Jonathan M. Fetter fetter at
    Joely Kruger Jacobs unknown
    Bruce E. Johnson unknown
    Liang Lin unknown
    Mark A. Rhodes unknown
    Karl E. Schmidt unknown
    Andrew C. Waltman awaltman at
    Richard J. Balsano rick at
    Adam C. Bemstein adam at
    Moustapha Diop unknown
    David F. Harris unknown
    M. Lenore Horner lhorner at
    Alfred J. Mieth unknown
    Afan J. Ottenheimer unknown
    Robin E. Snyder unknown
    C. Erec Stebbins erecstebbins at
    William F. Waite unknown
    William M. Albritton unknown
    Christopher J. Collins unknown
    Daniel A. Francis unknown
    Pete I. Klimecky unknown
    Robert J. Orr rjo at
    Syed Samir Rauf samir at
    William F. Rulla unknown
    Charles E. Sarner unknown
    Roben J. Schneider, IV unknown
    Kimberly L. Shella kshella at
    Matthew L. Trawick unknown
    William K. Zollinger, III unknown
    Timothy J. Collins unknown
    Michael V. Keilman unknown
    Matthew G. Marsh mgm at
    Paul G. A. Mirel unknown
    Nathan A. Schwadron unknown
    Tshepo I. Shuenyane tshepo.shuenyane at
    Louis J. Bajuk unknown
    Keith M. Berland unknown
    Bram S. Boroson bboroson at
    Elisif Andrews Brandon elisif at
    Timothy P. Doerr unknown
    M. Phillip Geissbuhler geissbuhler at
    Kyo C. Jin unknown
    Stephen A. Klein sak at
    Jeffrey R. Kriessler unknown
    David C. Milford unknown
    Joseph D. Peidle unknown
    David Z. Rudner unknown
    Anthony Asdourian unknown
    Robert F. Cartland, Jr. RobertCartland at
    Riccardo A. Demarchi unknown
    Preston Scott Donover ssqdonover at
    David H. Ehrenstein ehrenstein at
    James D. Foltz unknown
    David Galt unknown
    Paul A. Kimoto unknown
    Matthew S. Maxham unknown
    Joseph W. Rovine unknown
    David H. Strasburger unknown
    David A. Wah unknown
    Gail S. Welsh unknown
    Joshua F. Boverman unknown
    Fred G. Johnson fred at LPS.UMD.EDU
    Mark L. Johnston unknown
    Madeleine E. Msall mmsall at
    Basil Tikoff unknown
    Reza D. Beigi unknown
    Noah J. Butter noahbutter at
    Mark L. Eickhoff mjeickhoff at
    Kenneth M. Ghiron unknown
    Catherine G. Langridge unknown
    Eric A. Loew ericloew1 at
    Gregory S. Ludwig unknown
    William Beau. Mitchell unknown
    Phillip N. Price pnprice at
    Paul E. Robbins probbins at
    Brian A. Vaughan brianavaughn at
    Daniel F. Beale dfbcnc at
    Jon I. Boley unknown
    John F. DiTusa ditusa at
    John H. Erdmann unknown
    Eric C. Huffman ehuffman at
    Simon G. Kaplan simon.kaplan at
    Eric S. Megli unknown
    Thomas Marston Morse tom.morse at
    Elizabeth Praton elizabeth.praton at
    George E. Shambaugh, IV shambaug at
    Fredrick M. Bingham unknown
    Ben J. Bishoff benb at
    Michael A. Chupa mchupa at princeton
    Sharon Ross Deland unknown
    David Milo Fryling milomusic at
    Mark R. Hanisch unknown
    Alan L. Herrmann unknown
    Iwan Praton iwan.praton at
    David B. Rosen unknown
    Philip G. Rossoni unknown
    Ray S. Wakeland ray_wakeland at
    Nancy E. Bael unknown
    Linda C. Barr unknown
    Kenneth I. Blum unknown
    Donald W. Deland unknown
    David G. Gray unknown
    Staci A. Hambric-Vela unknown
    Mary K. Hasbrouck unknown
    Mark J. Hemmes unknown
    Mark K. Jones unknown
    Michael J. Massey unknown
    Michael P. Metlay unknown
    Mark S. Muzilla mmuzilla at
    Carol J. Nelson unknown
    Charles H. Nelson, III cnelson at
    John Porter unknown
    Carl J. Radens unknown
    Alan Leonard Schafer alanschafer at
    Paul Steffen unknown
    Ya Sun unknown
    Mitchell L. Wanen unknown
    Lori J. Williams unknown
    James F. Babb jfbabb at
    Heidi Champney unknown
    Joseph Thomas Elliott, III unknown
    Sara I. Glick unknown
    Neal E. Hartsough nhartsough at
    Lynn W. Huff lynnwhuff at
    Christopher P. Hunt unknown
    Joseph D. Kidder unknown
    Daniel R. McNeal unknown
    Mark I. Moverman unknown
    Theodore B. Norris unknown
    Heath A. Pois poisreilly1 at
    Philip Lisle Steiner unknown
    John C. Stewart unknown
    Jane A. Ziki unknown
    Kristine Ann Bertness unknown
    William T. Cumming unknown
    Paul Jonathan Green unknown
    R. James Halter unknown
    Robert W. Heingartner unknown
    Kevin D. Kem unknown
    Benjamin Posel unknown
    Gregory Joel Reese unknown
    Matthew G. Weinstein unknown
    Mark Joseph Baratta unknown
    Steven Borzak sborzak1 at
    William T. Conner unknown
    Angela Kraft Cross unknown
    Patricia Kurtz Donaldson unknown
    Paul Calvin Fixx Paul_Fixx at
    James R. Jacobson unknown
    Bruce Alan Mason unknown
    Stephen Joel Pascher unknown
    Grant Merrill Plummer unknown
    Richard Anderson unknown
    William Atlas unknown
    Daniel Bergman unknown
    John Berman unknown
    Thomas Berninghausen unknown
    David Candey, Jr. unknown
    Karen Fitzgerald karen at
    Lawrence Holladay LarryHolladay at
    Barbara Abrahams Kong femcor at
    James Louie unknown
    Robert Bruce Mann unknown
    Anthony J. Mannucci Tony.Mannucci at
    John Mertz unknown
    Daniel Murphy unknown
    Stephen Palfrey unknown
    James Ratliff jim at
    Phillip J. Restle restle at
    Mark Showalter unknown
    Tomohisa Nakamura tomnrides at
    Christine Buss Christine at
    David Cann dcann at
    Gerry Clarkson unknown
    Timothy Forster thf1 at, timf at
    David Freedman dhfreedman at
    David Groff unknown
    Mark Huffman unknown
    Mark Kearns unknown
    Lyle R. Lichty llichty at
    Donn Christopher Martin cmartin at
    James Jiro Mori unknown
    Kathleen Crowe Podmanicsky unknown
    Nancy Reeves nlreeves at
    Peter Schleifer peter.schleifer at
    Ann Judith Silversmith asilvers at
    Robert Skwerer unknown
    George Thurston unknown
    Peter Tinker ptinker at
    Barbara Shohl Wagner unknown
    Mark Baron unknown
    Jeffrey Fox unknown
    Arthur Howald art.howald at
    Bruce Lampcov bruce at
    Aram Partizian unknown
    Mark Phillips unknown
    Robert Rosenberg bobr at
    Carolyn Wolfe Spivak unknown
    Spencer Thomas unknown
    Margaret Cheney cheney at
    Robert Feldman unknown
    Robert Golden rgolden at
    Scott Halsted unknown
    Francis Stephenson unknown
    Joseph Jordan unknown
    Wayne Lemley unknown
    Willie Mackey unknown
    Lynne Talley ltalley at
    Terje Vold unknown
    Paul E. Bigeleisen BigeleisenPE at
    Howard C. Brayman howard.brayman at
    Richard N. Hinrichs unknown
    Paul O'Connor unknown
    David I. Plaut unknown
    Stephanie DiCenzo sdicenzo at
    James P. Eisenstein jpe at
    Ted R. Heavenrich unknown
    Daniel A. Leary, III unknown
    Gillis R. Otten unknown
    Michael W. Rowan unknown
    Elizabeth McEvoy Specht unknown
    Jonathan W. Albrink jalbrink at
    Eugene A. Beer piano at
    Louis Buchholtz unknown
    Cameron Dasch unknown
    John W. Day unknown
    Richard A. London unknown
    Gregory S. Maurer unknown
    Jonathan J. Art jart at
    Robert L. Clair unknown
    Wayne A. Fisher unknown
    William C. Little wlittle at
    David O. Muchmore unknown
    Mark B. Rosenthal MBRL at
    Russell P. Taub unknown
    Gordon L. Deane gdeane at
    Joseph R. Morris unknown
    Jonathan H. Sachs unknown
    Daniel Schullman unknown
    Larry A. Wilson unknown
    Jay R. Alperson jalperson at
    John F. Appleby unknown
    Edmund W. Ballou t-ballou at
    Douglas N. Brown dbrown at
    Jeffrey T. Daines jeff at 
    Glenn R. Flierl unknown
    Gary M. Freeman gfreeman at
    William A. Hiltner, Jr. unknown
    Ralf D. Hotchkiss unknown
    Thomas G. Johnson unknown
    Susan M. Kelso unknown
    Keith E. Louden unknown
    Thomas L. Meek unknown
    David B. Morgan unknown
    Laurel Galbraith Price Jones unknown
    David E. Schafer unknown
    Gary Smith unknown
    Janet Olson Babcock unknown
    Brian E. Corey unknown
    Paul E. Francis ed.francis at
    William R. Hughson, Jr. unknown
    Stephen W. McKnight unknown
    James A. Mittelstadt unknown
    Willard Moseley unknown
    Mark F. Schlawin unknown
    Michael J. Skinner unknown
    Thomas B. Thomas unknown
    Eric R. Wollman unknown
    William H. Hartman unknown
    James K. Jacobs unknown
    Susan C. Jones unknown
    Donald C. Salisbury dsalisbury at
    Roger A. Smith unknown
    Scott A. Weir unknown
    Janet Chevalley Wolfe janwolfe at
    Judina Henderson Brunner unknown
    Erich R. Buchner unknown
    John B. Carlson unknown
    Robert H. Cornett unknown
    Walter W. Jones unknown
    Stanley A. Lawton stan.lawton at
    Albert E. Moyer unknown
    Timothy C. Rowton unknown
    Daniel J. Trumpler unknown
    David A. Buress unknown
    Stuart K. Card unknown
    Jerry P. Gollub unknown
    Lewis G. Hayler unknown
    James H. Luetgert unknown
    Dean C. Palmer unknown
    Kenneth A. Begalke unknown
    Edward S. Claflin, III deceased
    Douglas B. Clarke unknown
    George W. Lang unknown
    Richard W. Leigh unknown
    Frederick D. Leutner unknown
    Peter H. Molnar unknown
    Philip L. Pritchett unknown
    John T. Trauger unknown
    Lynn Olson Wilson unknown
    Herbert D. Zeman unknown
    Willam E. Cooper unknown
    Robert A. Eisenstein unknown
    Bruce Osterling unknown
    George H. Rieke unknown
    James Sari James.Sari at
    David F. Snider unknown
    Martin C. Weisskopf unknown
    Robert L. Barnett unknown
    Douglas M. Bauer unknown
    Frederick R. Blattner unknown
    Gary S. Bloom unknown
    Kenneth P. Cantor unknown
    Laurence D. Graham unknown
    Thomas B. Sanford unknown
    Knut Aagard unknown
    Sergei A. Gourevitch unknown
    Dan Hilberman unknown
    Christopher Humphrey unknown
    Robert B. Lillich unknown
    William C. Mitchell unknown
    W. Bruce Richards bruce.richards at
    Ludwig Balling unknown
    Jeanne Alexander Bohlen unknown
    Ronald Giere unknown
    Kenneth Gould unknown
    Donald Larner unknown
    Robert McGrath unknown
    Stephen Ransburg unknown
    Robert Schneider unknown
    Stanley Swanson unknown
    David Townes unknown
    William Waite unknown
    Joanne Lischer Waite unknown
    Reed Watkins unknown