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Yumi Ijiri

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Diane Doman

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Wright Laboratory of Physics
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Stephen FitzGerald

Stephen FitzGerald


Contact Information


Wright Laboratory 217
(440) 775-8334

Stephen FitzGerald

Stephen FitzGerald

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Cornell University, 1994

Recent Courses

Mechanics and Relativity: Physics 110
Quantum Mechanics: Physics 312
Advanced Lab: Physics 414

Research Interests

Infrared spectroscopy of trapped hydrogen molecules
Inelastic spectroscopy of Fullerenes (Buckyballs)

Recent Papers

Low-temperature infrared spectroscopy of H2 in solid C60: PRB 73, 155409 (2006)

Kinetics of H2 desorption from crystalline C60: PRB 71, 045415 (2005)

Adsorption of CF4 on the internal and external surfaces of open single-wall carbon nanotubes. A vibrational spectroscopy study: JACS 125, 5889 (2003)

Induced infrared absorption of molecular hydrogen in solid C60: PRB 65, 140302 (2002)

Quantum dynamics of interstitial H2 in solid C60: PRB 60, 6439 (1999)