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Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit/Study Abroad Procedures

Your first step in obtaining a transfer of credit for hours earned while studying away from Oberlin College is to secure the Chair’s preliminary approval for a transfer of credit.

Preliminary approval for transfer of credit does not guarantee that you will earn transfer of credit. You must complete all the steps necessary and then, upon your return, you must produce your completed written work (including papers and exams) and syllabus for each course you took while studying away from Oberlin College. Only then will the Chair determine if and how many credits you earn for elective (general) or major credit.

Step One
Bring to your appointment with the Chair of the Politics Department 1) a hard copy of the course description and syllabus (if available) of the course(s) you expect to take, 2) the institution or program sponsoring your course and the site of the course, and 3) the Study Away office form (or the registrar’s form) that needs to be signed. Make certain you indicate (in pencil only) the number of credits for each course that you hope to transfer. You also must indicate (in pencil only) how many credits you hope to receive for elective credit or towards the major. Do NOT leave this task for the three days before credit approval is needed, or you may not be able to secure an appointment with the Chair and you will lose your opportunity to transfer credit to the Politics Department.

No Internship Credit
Please note: The Politics Department does not give academic credit for experiential internships. While such internships are an important preparation for future employment, academic credit is only given for academic work. If your program has a course in which you write a lengthy research paper based on your internship, then the paper may be offered for academic credit. Normally, when you undertake an internship that is considered field research for a paper that you write, a paper that is 5-8 pages earns 1 credit, a paper 9-15 pages earns 2 credits, and a paper 16-25 pages earns 3 credits.

Course changes while abroad Sometimes, when you arrive at your study away destination, your hosts may make changes in the courses offered. To receive preliminary approval for any new course(s), you must email the Chair of the Politics Department with a new description and syllabus. Otherwise there is no guarantee you will receive transfer of credit upon your return.

Step Two
While overseas:
1) Download/ make copies of the final syllabus for each course.
2) Keep copies of all your written work (papers and exams) to present upon your return.
3) If your materials are not normally returned by your overseas instructor, advise the instructor that you need a copy of the materials. At the very least, keep copies of the materials you submit even if you do not receive the graded copies returned from your instructor. A safe precaution would be to email yourself copies of your work and syllabi so if you lose the hardcopies when traveling you can retrieve the work and earn transfer credit(s).
4) Pay for and request a transcript of your work to be sent to your OCMR box or your parents’/guardians’ address or carry it home with you.

Step Three
Upon your return:
Make an appointment to see the Chair and bring:
1) Your completed written work (including papers and exams),
2) A syllabus for each course you took while studying away from Oberlin College,
3) A transcript from your host institution, and
4) Your completed registrar’s transfer credit form for the Chair to sign. (Write in pencil the number of credits you hope to obtain in elective credits and for the major)
If your syllabus is in a foreign language other than French or Spanish, you need to translate it into English for the Chair of the Politics Department.

Final approval for transfer of course credit cannot be given without a transcript and your originals (or copies) of your completed work.

After reviewing your materials and discussing your study away situation with you, the Chair will determine the number of credits that you will receive as elective credit and for the major.