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Short Courses

Short Courses

Fall 2011

Remembering Communism: The Poetics and Politics of Nostalgia

This lecture and film series marks the twentieth anniversary of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The screenings include Goodbye Lenin! and My Perestroika, two poignant films that address the complexity of the constantly shifting political landscapes of postsocialist countries and the difficulty of both confronting the past and understanding the present. The speakers include three prominent writers and artists - Dubravka Ugrešić, Susanne Schädlich, and Grisha Bruskin - all of whom present unique perspectives on individual and collective memory, and discuss how perceptions of the past affect and shape the modern world.

Remembering Communism: The Poetics and Politics of Nostalgia

Fall 2010

Desert of Forbidden Art
This award-winning 2010 documentary highlights the life and achievements of Igor Savitsky (1915-1984), who rescued 44,000 works of unsanctioned Soviet art and founded a museum to display them. Today, the Nukus Art Museum, located in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan, holds the second largest collection of Soviet avant-garde art in the world. This collection, suppressed during Stalinism and the following decades, offers fresh perspectives on the art and history of the USSR.

The Oberlin College Screening presents a rare opportunity to see the remarkable story of teh man and the museum he created and to meet to film's directors Amanda Pope and Tchavdar Georglev.

Desert of Forbidden Art

Fall 2009

Transition to Democracy in Serbia: The Alternative Films of Goran Radovanovic

This module class explores the transition to democarcy in Serbia from the fall of the Milosevic regime to the present through a combination of documentary and feature films. Topics include: historical background, non-violent student movement resistance to dictatorship, rural elections, the  dramatic social changes in the transition to democracy and a market economy. The instructor is a talented film maker from Serbia whose first feature film was premiered at this year's Montreal film festival. 

Transition to Democracy in Serbis: The Alternative Films of Goran Radovanović



Artist Residencies


Spring 2012

Visiting artists: The Jerry Grcevich Tamburitza Orchestra (Pittsburgh, PA). Tambura virtuoso Jerry Grcevich's artist residency at Oberlin included a public lecture/demonstration in the Conservatory, a visit to Visiting Assistant Professor Marko Dumančić's class Genocide in Modern Eurasia, and an evening concert with his orchestra for dancing and listening in the 'Sco.


Fall 2010

Visiting artists: Walt Mahovlich and Turli Tava (Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Cleveland, OH). Clarinetist/ethnographer Walt Mahovlich's artist residency at Oberlin included a public lecture/demonstration in Russian House, a class workshop with the Oberlin Conservatory's Balkan Ensemble, and an evening with Turli Tava for dancing and listening in the Conservatory.


Spring 2003

Visiting artists: Talisman/Kolpakov Trios (Moscow and US). The one-week residency included three concerts, one lecture-demo, and two master classes for students in the Conservatory.