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Linda Pardee

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Course Tutoring

Course Tutoring

Course Assignments - Spring 2014

Tutor Course Name Prof.
Abayomi, Ariana RHET 103-01: Writing: Motives & Methods N. Boutilier
Aronowitz, Anna RHET 301: Seminar in Scholarly Writing L. Podis
Belott, Dana RELG 233: Modern India P. Richman
Budker, Rachel RHET 103-03: Writing: Motives & Methods D. Guidry
Cassel, Dessane CINE 353: Cinema and May '68 A. Grace
Diop, Eliza AAST 229: Radical Thinkers and Movements Y. Alexis
Gill, Kate CINE 290: Intro to the Study of Cinema P. Day
Glaser, Zoe RHET 102: Writing for College and Beyond L. McMillin
Glickman, Elon HIST 208: History of Science: 1200-1800 E. Wurtzel
Im, Sungjin RELG 118: Immanence and Transcendence in Buddhism
J. Dobbins
James, Abigail RHET 201: Writing in the Sciences J. Cooper
Jerzak, Connor DANC 350: Contemporary Global Dance V. Fortuna
Lam, Jessica CHEM 361: Bioanalytical Chemistry R. Whelan
Martin, Kirsten ENGL 299-01: Intro to Advanced Study of Literature L. Baudot
McKelvy, Rebecca ENGL 290: Shakespearean Comedy W. Hyman
O'Connor, Eve RHET 103-02: Writing: Motives & Methods N. Boutilier
Philion, Ethan RELG 241: Principle Vices J. Swan-Tuite
Rogers, Miata CAST/AAST 345: Narratives of Passing A. Ofori-Mensa
Seder, Annie ESOL 130-02: ESOL Level 3 A. Moniot
Simmons, Dyeemah ENGL 269: Reading Illustrated Texts J. Emery-Peck
Tran, Tanya ENGL 242: Asian American Literature, The Crossroads H. Suarez
Valocchi, Arianna ENGL 294: The Lyric in English: 1600-1900 D. Harrison
Wangpaiboonkit, Parkorn RHET 102: Writing for College & Beyond L. McMillin
Webberman, Rachel ESOL 130-01: ESOL Level 3 A. Moniot
Woods, Timothy RELG 202: Book of Job C. Chapman
Zeimer, Matan RHET 303: Writing about Travel L. McMillin