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Course Tutoring

Course Tutoring

Course Assignments - Fall 2014

Tutor Course Name Prof.
Abayomi, Ariana RHET 100 - Academic Writing for the American Classroom N. Boutilier
Adeola, Gbolahan FYSP 129 - Coming of Age in African Literature L. Podis
Anderson, Colin FYSP 134 - Crossing Borders: The Mysteries of Identity D. Walker
Belott, Dana RELG 329 - Hindu Epic Narrative in Indian Theater P. Richman
Boomer, Nolan FYSP 066 - Jane Austen Then and Now L. Baudot
Budker, Rachel FYSP 108 - The Uses of Literature T.S. McMillin
Cerdera, Pablo CAST 201 - Latinas/os in Comparative Perspective G. Peréz
Cheydleur, Kasey RHET 103-02 - College Writing: Motives and Methods N. Boutiler
Coates-Finke, Sam FYSP 165 - Feeding the World M. Laskowski
Dobbins, Elizabeth FYSP 199 - Designer Babies and Other Possibilities Y. Cruz
Firman, Jacob FYSP 127 - Race-ing the Environment: Historical Approaches to Race and Environmental History R. Romano
Gallagher, Dayna ESOL 130-01 - ESOL Level 3 Prof. Moniot
Gord, Sarah FYSP 136 - Ways of Seeing, Ways of Knowing S. Zagarell
Gordon, Shoshana FYSP 139 - Political Leadership P. Dawson
Griffin, Lara HIST 268 - Oberlin History as American History C. Lasser
Hadden, Emma RHET 103-01 - College Writing: Motives and Methods N. Boutilier
Harrington, Leo FYSP 056 - Music and the Search for Unity in Russian History R. Mitchell
Hinkle, Kathryn ENGL 299-02 - Introduction to the Advanced Study of Literature D. Harrison
Katz, Sarah FYSP 073 / HISP 306 - Radical Reading & Writing / Introduction to Literary Analysis C. Solomon
Kipnis, Nora FYSP 180 - Exploring Chicago G. Peréz
Lee, Joanne ENGL 265 - Anglophone Postcolonial Literatures A. Needham
Maccabee, Sarah FYSP 117 - Nature and the Environment in East Asian Culture A. Sherif
McMillen, Logan FYSP 070 - Uncle Sam(urai): Japan-U.S. Encounters since 1853 E. O'Dwyer
Morrow, Sam FYSP 094 - Das Kapital M. Blecher
Raynor, Madeline FYSP 093 - Disability E. Hamilton
Ring, Julian FYSP 174 - Technologies of Writing: From Plato to the Digital Age A. Trubek
Rutherford, Miranda FYSP 050 - Conceptions of the Self East and West Prof. Cottine
Sheffield, Silvia DANC 277 - Dancing Latin/o America V. Fortuna
Stoloff, Rose POLT 272 - The Elections of 2014 M. Krislov
Tran, Tanya FYSP 074 - Race and Place: Reading the Rez, the Holler, and the Cul-de-Sac H. Suarez
Valocchi, Arianna FYSP 062 - Femmes Fatales S. Milkova
Wangpaiboonkit, Parkorn RHET 104-01 - College Writing and Beyond: Negotiating Language, Culture and Power J. Karega
Weber, Kelsey ARTS 150-02 - Approaches to Western Art S. Hamill
Weltner, Lucy FYSP 049 - Renaissance Outsiders: Studies in Radical Self-Identity in Early Modern Art and Culture S. Schillinger