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Linda Pardee

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Course Tutoring

Course Tutoring

Course Assignments - SPRING 2015

Tutor Course Name Prof.
Anderson, Colin ESOL 130: ESOL Level 3 A.  Moniot
Beekie, Sarita RHET 100: Academic Writing for the American Classroom N. Boutilier
Belott, Dana RELG 233: Modern India: Colonialism, Critique, and Conversion P. Richman
Cerdera, Pablo CAST/AAST 345: Narratives of Passing A. Ofori-Mensa
Cheydleur, Kasey RHET 204: Writing for Social Justice J. Karega
Dobbins, Elizabeth CINE 290: Introduction to the Advanced Study of Cinema P. Day
Glickman, Elon RELG 249: Medical Ethics C. Cottine
Gord, Sarah RHET 301: Seminar in Scholarly Writing L. Podis
Greenberg, Talia POLT 409: Public Education, Policy and Law M. Krislov
Griffin, Lara CAST 100: Introduction to Comparative American Studies S. Lee
Hadden, Emma ANTH 321: Language and the Body E. Hoffman-Dilloway
Hart-Nelson, Eliot CAST 400: Research Seminar: Expanding the Archive W. Kozol
Hinkle, Kathryn ENGL 299: Introduction to the Advanced Study of Literature L. Baudot
Katz, Sarah HISP 317: Survey of Latin American Literature I: Encuentros y Desencuentros A. Cara
Lee, Joanne ENGL 360: Globalization and Diaspora H. Suarez
Maccabee, Sarah ENGL 206: Shakespearean Tragedy W. Hyman
McMillen, Logan RELG 218: Christianity in the Late Medieval World: 1100-1600 C. Barnes
Morrow, Sam RHET 104: College Writing and Beyond: Negotiating Language, Culture and Power J. Karega
Puterbaugh, Michaela RHET 105: Writing to Learn & Participate J. Cooper
Rutherford, Miranda RELG 208:New Testament and Christian Origins C. Chapman
Sheffield, Silvia DANC 355: Performance Ethnography V. Fortuna
Smith, Lydia ENGL 242: Asian American Literature at the Crossroads H. Suarez
Stenovec, Michael J. Harwood
Valocchi, Arianna CMPL 200:Introduction to Comparative Literature S. Milkova
Wangpaiboonkit, Poon RHET 102: Writing for College & Beyond L. McMillin
Webberman, Rachel RELG 109: Introduction to Religion: Jerusalem: Negotiating Sacred Space C. Chapman
Weber, Kelsey C. Nielson
Weltner, Lucy PHIL 120: Knowledge & Reality J. Shaheen