Rhetoric and Composition

Write Better Papers

Write Better Papers

Everyone arrives at Oberlin thinking they know everything about writing. You've been through years and years of writing instruction, be it the formal essay, the "project" or creative nonfiction. But at Oberlin, and anywhere else in higher education - and afterward the academic, corporate or individual sphere - writing is taken to an entirely new level.

The bottom line is this: While I cannot purport to be that much of a better writer, since I'm only a few years older than you, I can suppose to know the method of writing which professors tend to prefer, and give you ideas on how you might better tailor your own personal style to the academic sphere.

So basically, it's simple.

Let's set up a meeting one-on-one just to figure out where you are in the process, and what values, preconceptions and methods you bring to the class. How you talk and interact is integral to your writing style.

For those who have an extremely tight schedule, you can always email me any copies of drafts in rich text format (You can paste it in the body of a message if you have trouble with creating this format) and I will look things over and get back to you with thoughts and ideas. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to respond to every draft. Allow at least 36 hours before your final deadlines. This is the easiest way for you, but may not be the most helpful; personal communication allows a far more advantageous atmosphere for progress.

Email me times during the week that you are most free, and over the next three weeks, we can sit down and talk. And while it is your prerogative whether or not to engage the writing associates- you really have nothing to lose, and can always decide that you'd prefer to do all of your work alone.