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Mainstage 13-14

Mainstage 13-14

The Promise

by Aleksei Arbuznov
Translated by Ariadne Nicolaeff

Director: Paul Moser, Professor of Theater
Dates: December 5-7th, 2013
Location: Hall Auditorium

Sheltering together to survive the siege of Leningrad, three Soviet teens share their dreams of brilliant futures. The girl wants to be a doctor, one of the boys longs to write poetry, and the other chooses to be an engineer so he can repair his country. Over the next 17 years, the intricacies of the trio's relationships are traced in the rising and falling of their hopes, their romantic yearnings, disillusionments, betrayals, and reunions. Illuminated by their love for each other, and filled with a deep sense of humanity, The Promise breathes a truth and optimism all its own.


Follow Me to Nellie's

by Dominique Morisseau

Director: Justin Emeka
Dates: February 6-8, 2014
Location: Hall Auditorium

The dynamic voice of emerging playwright Dominique Morisseau brings the early civil rights movement to vivid life in this tale of Madame Nellie’s house in 1955 Natchez. Inspired by a family memoir, Ms. Morisseau recounts a dramatic story “of an aspiring blues singer who is looking for a way out, a voting rights activist looking for shelter, a brothel of wounded women looking for change. ” Rich in atmosphere and character, Follow Me to Nellie’s scintillates with unfulfilled desires illuminated by hope “during the reign of segregation and under the watchful eye of Miss Nellie Jackson. ”


by Henrik Ibsen
Translated by Rolf Fjelde

Director: Matthew Wright
Dates: April 17-19, 2014
Location: Hall Auditorium

In one of the great masterpieces of western drama, Ibsen lays bare the soul of a woman struggling to free herself from the stifling oppression of regret, dead beliefs, and the consequences of choices made in youth. Helene Alving’s artist son has returned home, frail and heartsick from his bohemian life, just as a monument to her late, admired husband is to be dedicated in their town. This jubilant occasion opens old wounds, and specters of past mistakes collide with present horrors, as Mrs. Alving fights for true understanding and the courage to act with her heart.