086. Contemporary East Asian Cinema

H. C. Deppman (East Asian Studies)
Full Course -- 4 Credits
Fall Semester FYSP 086-01 MW 8:35-9:50 AM and Thursday 7-10 PM

In recent years, national cinemas from East Asia have received commercial and critical attention from around the globe. The popularity of stars (from Tony Leung to Maggie Cheung), directors (from Wong Kar-wai to Hayao Miyazaki), and films (from Tampopo to Old Boy) in Asia and the West raises a number of important questions: Do film productions in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan share certain historical, regional, and aesthetic experiences that make “East Asia” an important category of cinema studies? If so, what are the interacting transnational and local cultural characteristics that are shaping the global film market? This course will compare the emergence of “New Cinema” in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea since the 1980s. After examining the major cultural and sociopolitical contexts in which each cinematic movement is produced, we will pay close attention to the specific issues raised in individual films.