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FIELD Fall 2017

Oberlin College Press is a nonprofit literary press whose overall goal is to produce a periodical of high standing and notable integrity, along with books of superlative quality, with respect to design as well as literary excellence and originality. The press strives for affordability and wide availability, keeping its publications in print and reasonably priced.

Oberlin College Press produces and publishes FIELD: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, a semiannual journal of contemporary poetry and poetics that has been active since 1969, placing Oberlin in the forefront of interest in the ongoing life of poetry worldwide.

FIELD is one of the most distinguished literary magazines in the country. From its earliest issues to the present, it has championed the work both of such major American poets as Adrienne Rich, Charles Simic, Carl Phillips, Charles Wright, Jean Valentine, and Franz Wright, and of new voices of great promise, as well as demonstrating a strong interest in translation. Best American Poetry and the annual Pushcart Prize anthology regularly select poems from FIELD for inclusion.


Oberlin College Press also publishes books of poetry and poetics:

  • the FIELD Translation Series, founded in 1978, represents some 14 languages in 23 volumes, including such poets as Anna Akhmatova, Rainier Maria Rilke, Miroslav Holub, Vasko Popa, and Eugenio Montale, skillfully rendered into English;
  • the FIELD Poetry Series, founded in 1993, issues one or two volumes a year, including the winner of the annual FIELD Poetry Prize awarded by the press; and
  • FIELD Editions, which are groundbreaking anthologies of poetry and criticism that represent the ongoing interests of the journal and the press.

The press relies on interested faculty members for editorial duties and offers limited internships for students who desire to learn about publishing and editing. Oberlin College Press enhances the national and international presence of the college and community as a place where great writing matters.

The press receives financial support from the college and the Friends of Oberlin College Press.